Saturday, July 13, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

The London Chronicles: Day 1 (Part 1)

Finally the day has come for us to leave Brunei to go to our loooooooooong overdue honeymoon to London. Things all packed up, deciding on last minute things to bring, but other than that we were raring to go. We were warned that we might get jet-lagged if we don't get our sleep time adjusted, so we were advised to get as much sleep as possible in the plane.

Got checked in and everything, and this was how it looked while we were checking in:

Apparently we've got a whole bunch of foreigners taking the same flight as we do, mostly Aussies, and a handful of Bruneians joining us. We said our goodbyes to our little princess, and the way she whined (though technically she was whining because she was cranky to want to go to bed), made us almost reluctant to leave, but there's no turning back now. Tickets were bought, bags were packed, we were checked in, so might as well go all the way.

While waiting for the boarding call, just felt like taking some random pictures:

We were slightly delayed when a couple of people went missing, but all in all, the flight went smoothly. We were flying in transit from Brunei-Dubai-London, and it would be 16 hour flight all the way. While the services and stuff was pretty good, it was really NOT the best place to try and get a rest. I have tried every single position I could get in to try and get comfortable, but to no avail. My head would always end up in a weird angle and I would wake up a few soon enough feeling really achy. By the time we reached Dubai, my ass was aching, my neck was aching and I was really, REALLY tired and head-achy.

While we were in Dubai, we were only given about 30 minutes free time before our next flight to London, so I just randomly took some random pictures just to commemorate my reaching Dubai, though sadly I'm unable to catch the picture of Dubai's tallest building as people tend to rave about, since it was like 11pm in Dubai, coming 12 midnight:

The funny experience I had at Dubai was the part where they're checking me in, and the guy took my passport, looked at it for a while, and actually compared it with a small notebook he had with him. I was a little nervous as to why was he doing that. Was I blacklisted or something? Am I a terrorist? LOL But it was only for a minute before he gave my passport. Some guy before us got that treatment, and he was pretty hostile, going like:

And the worker was like:

LOL I was like thinking "Dude, don't be so hostile. You wanna get in trouble or something? Do you WANT to get locked up?"

After we left Dubai, that was when I finally managed to get some sleep, albiet uncomfortably, but at least I slept. And I'm pretty much more rested than my hubby since he onl managed to catch tiny forty winks for an hour or so. Poor hubby. He's gonna be really pooped at the end of the day.

We reached London ahead of schedule, which is 5.30 instead of 6.45am London time. While walking the way, took more random pics:

Met up with my sis in law and our little niece princess, as well as my sis in law's father in law who was our chauffer for the day. And from there, our journey and adventures in London truly begins...