Thursday, July 11, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

Off to London Tomorrow~!!!

This is it, guys~! My hubby and I are gonna go off for our long overdue honeymoon in London. Thankfully we managed to secure accommodations with my eldest sis-in-law, so money saved on that part. So we've got all the time in the world (more or less) to do our sight-seeing and stuff.

Got the places to visit list all ready, and we're still thinking of how to pack for a 3-weeks plus worth of clothes and items. As usual, we were used as courier postmen when my in-laws tasked us (mostly mom in law) with bringing this and bringing that, our luggage going to the verge of overweight or something, LOL! But we'll manage.

Need to get some last minute stuff tomorrow, but other than that, so far, I think we've got everything we need. My only concerns right now is that will my little princess forget how I look like after being gone for so long, and will she fall into the trap of being more attached to the maid than me? That really worries me a lot, despite people assuring me that it won't. I don't want my princess to be like my 2nd sis in law's little boy, so attached to the maid that he no longer finds comfort in his own parents.

While in London I will be documenting my journeys and my experiences on a day-to-day basis, meaning at the end of the day, I will log on and tell all about my adventures of the day. I dub my entries "The London Chronicles", so be free to tune in and follow me as I let you guys know the five-by-five of what goes on during my lovely honeymoon!!

Bon voyage to me~!!