Sunday, April 7, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

Updates on Our Little Princess

Our little princess is really growing like a weed now. She is officially 6 months, and now is 7.8kg and 74cm tall, with a head circumference of 40cm.

I get a lot of comments about how big/healthy/cute my little princes is, and comparing her with babies her age, she seemed to be the giant of them. In fact, there have been situations where she is actually pretty much the same size of someone else's baby who's a year old, proven so when we went for my hubby's colleague's daughter's 1st birthday, and apparently she's pretty much the same size, maybe a bit bigger, than the birthday girl. I impressed another parent so much when I told them she was only 6 months old that he borrowed her to show her off to his wife and family. LOL

My hubby half-joked that the reason why our little princess is so big is because she's well-fed with breast milk, so what the heck kind of breast milk do I have? Kryptonite? XD Though according to the doctor, her size is considered normal and average, so it got me thinking: Are Brunei babies that small?

Here's a bit of photo recap of my little princess:

Month 1 - 3
Month 4 - 6
Totally look forward to her 1st birthday! You're halfway there, my little princess~ ^_^