Saturday, February 16, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

Little Princess' First Trip (Part 3)

Met up with my hubby's bro in law's bro, though technically it should also be called bro in law, for brunch today, and we finally get to meet their little boy Ben for the first time in a year. After seeing Ben in Facebook and Instagram for so long, it was time to meet him in the flesh.

As usual, they were impressed with our princess and were giving her and us a lot of compliments. Shared a few parenting stories here and there, and the two cousins officially met, though Ben was shy and our princess couldn't really be bothered, and was more interested in other stuff and her environment. Swapped a few funnies between us and a bit of gossip here and there but it was good clean fun.

Then later on, we went and met my godma, who is the second most excited about meeting our little princess. We met for tea and chatted while letting her dote all over princess, and I took the opportunity to pass her some long overdue collection of ang pow packets to pass it to one of her family friends who has a hobby of collecting them, as well as passing some prawn crackers to her courtesy of my in-laws. Also shared updates on each other and swapped stories, though it feels kinda rushed since we are leaving tomorrow morning and we only got to hang out for a few hours because my godma only got back last night after spending her CNY in Manila, Philippines.

As usual, second to our family friend in Singapore, my godma spared no expense in buying stuff for us and princess, and got a pretty large ang pow for all of us, me and my hubby included. She got beef and pork jerky for my in-laws, which I hope my mom in law would remember eating them and not keep in the fridge forever.

We went home early because my dad requested that we have dinner at home. We had a bit of a scare because while my hubby and I wanted "get in on" while princess is asleep, she suddenly started bursting into tears and was inconsolable. It was the first for us since she had never cried that hard before nonstop, and my dad was all flustered that he couldn't help bringing out the blame game, thinking of all the things he could think of to blame for her predicament, but to no avail.

We finally decided to take her out for a ride to calm her down. It worked as she stopped crying the moment she got in the car and after calming her down some and letting her nurse on me, she fell back to sleep and we drove for half an hour downtown before we brought her back home. She woke up the moment we reached home, but at least she has calmed down some and my dad has stopped nagging.

Hopefully again tonight she won't have any sleeping problems and sleep through the night, or we'd be forced to lodge in a hotel! LOL!

And tomorrow we will be heading home back to Brunei, so wish us safe journey! ^_^