Friday, February 15, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

Little Princess' First Trip (Part 2)

Princess had a really long day today and had a lot of new faces to meet today, and she's totally KO-ed right now in bed after a whole day of excitement.

We'll just start from the top.

Thankfully after a long day yesterday, our little princess almost slept through the night with rather few midnight feedings in between, so I had more or less a good night's sleep. The next morning, while I was feeding our princess while waiting for my hubby to return from getting his car fixed at the workshop (his absorber was a little wonky and had been making clonking sounds since we drove down from Brunei to KK), I got the call from my foster family to meet up for lunch at Suria Mall.

There, we went to this totally packed restaurant called Upperstar and waited for them to show up. When they did show up, they looked just as I remembered when I was a kid, albeit a little older. My foster dad, whom I affectionately call Uncle Donald because we were big fans of Donald Duck and his three nephews, looked just the same, with a few wrinkles and white hair, but other than that, he's still the tall Uncle Donald I know. Everyone else also looked just as they did when they were kids, but of course maturity and adulthood has morphed them to look slightly different and yet look still familiar at the same time.

My foster sis Diana is already married for about 4 years to her hubby and actually working with him in a camera accessory store, still trying for baby for about a year now. Foster bro Jonathan (same name as my hubby) is married with a daughter who's a week older than our princess and other foster bro Kelvin is currently engaged. Dunno where those two work though, forgot to ask them.

We spent all day in Suria, hanging out and then had tea with them, talking about old times. They knew about my folks and their situation, so naturally I told them the truth about what happened between me and my mom, though I told them the abridged version of the truth. No need to spare too many details to them. Diana then mentioned that she get it now when she tried to invite my mom for her wedding and she said something about girls nowadays don't care about their mothers once they have a boyfriend or something, so obviously, Mom was still bitter about me.

No matter. She doesn't give a fuck about me, so I'm not going to give a fuck about her. She can just shove it where it doesn't shine.

It felt a bit anticlimactic when we parted, but since we know where Diana works and we have an idea where they live, it shouldn't be too hard to find them next time we come down to KK. After all, we could still SMS and FB each other all the time, so we are not completely cut off from each other, LOL!

Had dinner at Burger King, since my hubby often craves for it (Brunei doesn't have BK for halal reasons), and met up with my two childhood friends. Fashionably late as usual, but we managed to catch up, though we do show our concern for one of my childhood friend's choice of men, since it seemed like she has rushed into another new relationship again, but then it's her choice, so I don't think I, who is the only married person among us, has much say in this matter. It's her life, anyways.

Got a bit of nagging from my dad for coming home so late since princess is gonna be dead tired. Though hopefully she will sleep through the night again like last night after such a long day.