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Little Princess' First Trip (Part 3)

Met up with my hubby's bro in law's bro, though technically it should also be called bro in law, for brunch today, and we finally get to meet their little boy Ben for the first time in a year. After seeing Ben in Facebook and Instagram for so long, it was time to meet him in the flesh.

As usual, they were impressed with our princess and were giving her and us a lot of compliments. Shared a few parenting stories here and there, and the two cousins officially met, though Ben was shy and our princess couldn't really be bothered, and was more interested in other stuff and her environment. Swapped a few funnies between us and a bit of gossip here and there but it was good clean fun.

Then later on, we went and met my godma, who is the second most excited about meeting our little princess. We met for tea and chatted while letting her dote all over princess, and I took the opportunity to pass her some long overdue collection of ang pow packets to pass it to one of her family friends who has a hobby of collecting them, as well as passing some prawn crackers to her courtesy of my in-laws. Also shared updates on each other and swapped stories, though it feels kinda rushed since we are leaving tomorrow morning and we only got to hang out for a few hours because my godma only got back last night after spending her CNY in Manila, Philippines.

As usual, second to our family friend in Singapore, my godma spared no expense in buying stuff for us and princess, and got a pretty large ang pow for all of us, me and my hubby included. She got beef and pork jerky for my in-laws, which I hope my mom in law would remember eating them and not keep in the fridge forever.

We went home early because my dad requested that we have dinner at home. We had a bit of a scare because while my hubby and I wanted "get in on" while princess is asleep, she suddenly started bursting into tears and was inconsolable. It was the first for us since she had never cried that hard before nonstop, and my dad was all flustered that he couldn't help bringing out the blame game, thinking of all the things he could think of to blame for her predicament, but to no avail.

We finally decided to take her out for a ride to calm her down. It worked as she stopped crying the moment she got in the car and after calming her down some and letting her nurse on me, she fell back to sleep and we drove for half an hour downtown before we brought her back home. She woke up the moment we reached home, but at least she has calmed down some and my dad has stopped nagging.

Hopefully again tonight she won't have any sleeping problems and sleep through the night, or we'd be forced to lodge in a hotel! LOL!

And tomorrow we will be heading home back to Brunei, so wish us safe journey! ^_^
Friday, February 15, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

Little Princess' First Trip (Part 2)

Princess had a really long day today and had a lot of new faces to meet today, and she's totally KO-ed right now in bed after a whole day of excitement.

We'll just start from the top.

Thankfully after a long day yesterday, our little princess almost slept through the night with rather few midnight feedings in between, so I had more or less a good night's sleep. The next morning, while I was feeding our princess while waiting for my hubby to return from getting his car fixed at the workshop (his absorber was a little wonky and had been making clonking sounds since we drove down from Brunei to KK), I got the call from my foster family to meet up for lunch at Suria Mall.

There, we went to this totally packed restaurant called Upperstar and waited for them to show up. When they did show up, they looked just as I remembered when I was a kid, albeit a little older. My foster dad, whom I affectionately call Uncle Donald because we were big fans of Donald Duck and his three nephews, looked just the same, with a few wrinkles and white hair, but other than that, he's still the tall Uncle Donald I know. Everyone else also looked just as they did when they were kids, but of course maturity and adulthood has morphed them to look slightly different and yet look still familiar at the same time.

My foster sis Diana is already married for about 4 years to her hubby and actually working with him in a camera accessory store, still trying for baby for about a year now. Foster bro Jonathan (same name as my hubby) is married with a daughter who's a week older than our princess and other foster bro Kelvin is currently engaged. Dunno where those two work though, forgot to ask them.

We spent all day in Suria, hanging out and then had tea with them, talking about old times. They knew about my folks and their situation, so naturally I told them the truth about what happened between me and my mom, though I told them the abridged version of the truth. No need to spare too many details to them. Diana then mentioned that she get it now when she tried to invite my mom for her wedding and she said something about girls nowadays don't care about their mothers once they have a boyfriend or something, so obviously, Mom was still bitter about me.

No matter. She doesn't give a fuck about me, so I'm not going to give a fuck about her. She can just shove it where it doesn't shine.

It felt a bit anticlimactic when we parted, but since we know where Diana works and we have an idea where they live, it shouldn't be too hard to find them next time we come down to KK. After all, we could still SMS and FB each other all the time, so we are not completely cut off from each other, LOL!

Had dinner at Burger King, since my hubby often craves for it (Brunei doesn't have BK for halal reasons), and met up with my two childhood friends. Fashionably late as usual, but we managed to catch up, though we do show our concern for one of my childhood friend's choice of men, since it seemed like she has rushed into another new relationship again, but then it's her choice, so I don't think I, who is the only married person among us, has much say in this matter. It's her life, anyways.

Got a bit of nagging from my dad for coming home so late since princess is gonna be dead tired. Though hopefully she will sleep through the night again like last night after such a long day.
Thursday, February 14, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

Little Princess' First Trip (Part 1)

After 4 months since she was born, my little princess is finally traveling to a whole new country which is my hometown in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. My dad never had a chance to come down to Brunei when she was born and celebrating her one-month, so he was totally looking forward to meeting his little granddaughter finally in the flesh.

We tried to break her into traveling by first traveling down to Miri, which is downtown in Sarawak, about an hour or two drive down from Brunei. Then she pretty much spent the whole day shopping with us at Parkson, with the occasional interruption of her naps and the awesome new things for her to see. By the time she got back to Brunei to her little home sweet home, she got a fever from all the excitement. LOL! Poor girl! But at least we've broken her in so that she would be used to long travel. By Chinese New Year, she was a-OK and was fine with the long travel down to Seria and KB for the family's tradition of meeting and greeting and receiving ang pow.

During the weeks while we were counting down the days to go down to KK, we (more like my hubby) were in paranoia and panic mode because all 3 of my 2nd sis in law's kids got chickenpox. The youngest got it from the maid who apparently had such a weak immune system that this was her 3rd chickenpox attack. This was actually the first time I have ever heard of someone who has got chickenpox more than once, since you only get it once ever in your entire life, but it seems to beg to differ in our maid's situation.

Anyway, the youngest got it because they underestimated her recovery time and lord, did he totally spread it to his older sibs. My hubby was absolutely paranoid and would not let anyone who has the slightest contact with the kids to go anywhere remotely near our princess, not even with a 10-feet pole, if possible. Even our temp maid, who took over the chores while our main maid handled the kids and had almost next to no contact with them, wasn't allowed to touch her for fear of contagions stuck to her person. I was grounded at home for more than a week to look after our princess and was not allowed to bring her downstairs ever.

Needless to say, our princess got a bit of cabin fever and I had to sneak around asking the temp maid to look after for a few minutes if I had to go to the bathroom, have my meals or do anything that required me to leave princess alone for a while. It wasn't easy, and I had to wave away a few close calls from my hubby being minutes away to screaming bloody murder at the maid, but all in all, she managed to avoid the dreaded chickenpox.

Makes me wonder why does my little princess have to suffer quarantine while those 3 walking viruses go about the house like they own the goddamn place. God, I just wish the whole family move out already instead of continuing their freeloading here.

Anyways, we managed to avoid the plague, so to speak, and we were off on the long 6-hour drive journey to KK. Originally we were considering a flight, but my dad insisted on driving and we needed to save money for our upcoming London trip, so we opted for the car. Besides it'll save money on the luggage anyways, and having our own car to get around might be more convenient.

Upon reaching KK and reaching my dad's home, my dad was so happy to see her and came to greet her and picked her up in his arms first, calling her his "little darling". She wasn't used to him, seeing that they met for the first time, but at least she has not reached the picking people phase yet, so she did not fuss while my dad ogled over her. She was also quite at ease with my dad's girlfriend and her family, and everyone commented on how cute her hair and her chubby cheeks and her big doe eyes were. Before that, people say my princess looked a lot like my hubby, now they all say she's looking a lot like me, LOL! What an interesting morph change!

She still looks like her dad when she sleeps though ;P

Speaking of sleeping, my princess refused to let go of my tits all night last night, and I ended up having a sleepless nit because of that (my hubby gets the bed while we slept on the King-sized mattress on the floor; preferable, since 3 people squeezing in one bed would be no different than home, and at least I get more sleeping room). The only time i managed to even get some sleep was pretty few, and that was prolly she unconsciously released me and slept through the better part of the night and I managed to slip into Dreamland until the next fussing about to search for my tits. I think maybe it's because of the unfamiliar bed she's on that she need my warmth and smell as a security blanket or something.

Went down to 1Borneo to do some shopping today (and manages to meet up with one of my childhood friends) to get some necessities and a bit of personal vanity items for ourselves, though our main focus is still on princess that we barely had much shopping done since we had to look out for her. Poor princess kept getting her naps interrupted by all the excitement, colour and noise of the shopping mall that she got super cranky at the end of the day, and now she is enjoying her long-awaited peaceful sleep. Hopefully she KOs throughout the night and not wake up too much, or it'll be sleepless night for me again.

Tomorrow will be another long day ahead with a lot in our plate, coz we may or may not have breakfast with my dad, and then I'm gonna meet up with my foster family whom I have not met in like forever, and maybe meet up with my 2 childhood friends.

Ta-ta for now, and look forward for an update soon!