Thursday, January 17, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

We Haz New Shopz

Haven't been updating like forever, since my life is primarily occupied by being with my little princess Liara, and also because since my in-laws were thinking of taking over the baby clothes business that was previously owned by my eldest sis in law, we were pretty busy trying to secure a good location and set up everything to officially open to the public.

Originally it was a home business, but since we live pretty far from most people, we decided to go where the population is and set up shop there. My dad in law, who is the sorta manager/groundsman of one of the local shopping malls, managed to snag a shop at a bargain rental price and we set up shop there.

A lot of trips downtown to get the fixtures and furniture we need, especially the railings, since stuff sold downtown is way cheaper, and many long days of fixing and hammering and drilling and moving stock and stuff, but we finally got our shop to open.

The first few days till now so far is pretty slow, prolly coz it's the weekday and it's also not yet payday, so not much people willing to spend. At least we made a bit of sale everyday, not much, but on a good day, we might earn at least $100++ in sales. So all is not too lost.

My buddy commented that the location is not too ideal since no one really comes upstairs in the shopping mall we're in, but sadly this is a pretty good bargain and it's the best that we can afford at the moment. Maybe if we can afford it, we might move, or maybe just be where we are and work on getting more exposure, I suppose.

Now that I'm working, I would have to leave my little princess at home to be raised by the maids. Technically I would've preferred if I had the most hand in raising my princess, and I wanted to bring her along with me to work, but unfortunately I still need to get back on the wheel (getting VERY rusty since I got my driving license and never drove because I was pregnant), and my princess is a little too young to be outdoors in a shop with me. Besides, it's super cold with the central air-conditioning, and I wouldn't want my princess to freeze.

To be honest, selling baby clothes is not really my forte (or passion), but then again, it's a family business, and I just need to sit there and look pretty while waiting for customers, so it's prolly the easiest job in the world I've ever had, and since it's a family business, there is more flexibility rather than being an office lackey where everything has to go through management and permissions and red tape and stuff, so yeah, I should count my blessings.

I could work on my arts still as a side income and piggy-back on this business to run my comics. I don't mind. Being a mangaka is still my biggest dream, though still, one step at a time then.