Monday, January 28, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

I Iz Not Ded~!!!

LOL, sorry for such an epic long MIA time, but just felt like posting to show that I'm not dead.

I would've had been online during my times working at the shop, which is still a bit slow, but at least we're generating sales at least once a day, but unfortunately the shopping mall where I am does not have a good internet connection. And even if I do find them, it was so weak I had to be at the exact establishment to have its full potential, and most of those WiFi-s I try to hijack needs passwords, so yeah, can't go online to save my own life even.

Anyway, never really got the chance to put my thoughts on the 2012 phenomenon event, now that it's already 2013. I gotta admit that it was quite a surprise to find that it was pretty uneventful. With all the rage of the 2012 phenomenon, you would've expect to have a certain amount of uproar going on even here in the quiet country of Brunei, since, well, you might die anytime soon on that day.

My buddies and I have been whatsapp-ing each other that whole period of December leading up to the supposed date of 21.12.12, the 2012 phenomenon rapture day. We've came up with contingency plans, strategies to survive and whatnot, on how and where we're going to meet if the inevitable actually happened. I was more of an optimist, really. I mean, I'd love to be having a backup plan or rooting for the chance of survival if anything really happened, but I was more inclined to think that Judgement Day wouldn't happen.

I mean, seriously, remember the Mayan civilization suddenly mysteriously disappeared? So isn't it possible that because of that, there was no one around to finish the 2012 and continue the 2013 calendar? So technically you can't say for sure it's really gonna be the end of the world. Think, people, think!

Anyways, the actual day came and I was waiting for something to happen: the powers to go out like that TV series which I totally forgot the title, sudden darkness of the clouds with heavy wind and storm, a meteor shower, a sudden fall of snow outta nowhere, anything. I even expected what plenty rumours going around saying that there will be 2, 3 days of complete darkness, like a super eclipse or something. As I looked after princess as usual while trying to go about my business, I was waiting for something to happen on this D-Day.


Absolutely nothing.

No fire, hail, brimstone, gnashing of teeth. Nothing.

It was the most uneventful D-Day ever.

I mean, not that I'm hoping for 2012 phenomenon, but at least a small something to show for, maybe a bit of a hurricane, even.

But nothing.

We totally "survived" the end of the world that never happened.

And the next day, everything was back to normal, with no hubbub about the lack of 2012 phenomenon or anything. It was like as if the 2012 phenomenon had never been mentioned at all and it was back to business as usual. I bet those who committed suicide to avoid the D-Day suffering prolly pretty much died in vain, and their spirits must be feeling pretty stupid right now.

That was, while a relief, the most awk-weird moment of my life.

Still, at least we lived to see 2013, and we totally look forward to a great year ahead and more~

And by the way, just a P/S note: Happy Birthday to me~! Thanks everyone who wished me happy birthday on and off Facebook. I'm officially 29 this year~!

...Shit, one more year and I'll hit 30! I'm getting old!