Thursday, January 31, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

Passport for Princess~

Today we brought our little princess down to immigration to do her passport.

Technically we wanted to do it yesterday, but because we overslept a little and my hubby has a lot of things on the plate on that day, we decided to postpone it to today.

Our princess was sleeping pretty soundly, so it kinda made me feel bad that I had to wake her up to change her diapers and get her dressed up all pretty, but she's gonna have to wake up anyway to have her picture taken for the passport, so might as well.

She was fine on the way to the immigration centre, and we got our number, our form and our necessary documents ready with us. While we wait, our princess decided to torture us by doing a doozy, and it stank to the high heavens with it!! XP I could pretty much smell it even as she was seated a bit away from me.

Unfortunately the immigration centre doesn't have the proper breastfeeding/baby room, so after asking around with the receptionist, she showed us the next best thing, which is the staff pantry hidden behind a corner outside where the passport section is. The hellish nightmare of changing diapers for every parent struck as we could smell the bio-hazard waste permeating from the seat of her pants and just stank the whole pantry, LOL.

Silly little princess. When she doesn't poo, she makes us worry. When she does poo, she makes us suffer. Such is parenthood.

Because she was awakened unceremoniously, she was starting to get a little cranky after 10 minutes of waiting, so we tried to distract and play with her while keeping her awake so that she would have her photo shoot. But finally she was so tired that distracting and playing doesn't work, so I carried her lying down and just rock her to calm her down. She calmed down some, and her eyes were drooping, but I try to keep her awake, and I know as well that she can only fall asleep if she has her milk.

While waiting, we saw another couple with their baby ahead of us, and that baby was barely one month old! It took 3 people to get his picture right because he couldn't cooperate (due to too young an age) and was hungry. LOL! So cute.

Finally it came to her turn, and we produced the necessary documents. Technically the requirements were like having both the original and photocopy documents, but because my mom in law kept the originals in the bank vault, we had to make do. Thankfully they were OK with us just giving them the photocopy documents.

The lady helping us took out a baby car seat from her counter, told us to put it on the seat in front of the camera (since we're doing a bio-metric passport, pictures can be taken on the spot), drape a blue cloth over it to eliminate the background, and put her in there. Luckily we calmed our princess enough to leave her alone in the seat, and prolly thanks (?) to my obsession with documenting her every moment, she was used to the camera and had her picture taken with no fuss.

My little photogenic princess ^_^
After all said and done, we were given a receipt with a notification saying that we can collect it on the 5th next month, but later on in the late afternoon, while I was at the shop, my hubby suddenly called the shop (we finally installed a phone there), telling me to bring out the receipt because the immigration sms-ed him telling him that her passport was ready to collect!

Woah, that was fast! They must have very little passports to complete for the quota of the day today.

Neways, we got the passport, her little cute mugshot was in there and she is now all set and ready to travel after Chinese New Year to meet her other grandpa, aka my dad. My dad is totally looking forward to meet her, and we can't wait to show her off to him too~ ^_^
Monday, January 28, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

I Iz Not Ded~!!!

LOL, sorry for such an epic long MIA time, but just felt like posting to show that I'm not dead.

I would've had been online during my times working at the shop, which is still a bit slow, but at least we're generating sales at least once a day, but unfortunately the shopping mall where I am does not have a good internet connection. And even if I do find them, it was so weak I had to be at the exact establishment to have its full potential, and most of those WiFi-s I try to hijack needs passwords, so yeah, can't go online to save my own life even.

Anyway, never really got the chance to put my thoughts on the 2012 phenomenon event, now that it's already 2013. I gotta admit that it was quite a surprise to find that it was pretty uneventful. With all the rage of the 2012 phenomenon, you would've expect to have a certain amount of uproar going on even here in the quiet country of Brunei, since, well, you might die anytime soon on that day.

My buddies and I have been whatsapp-ing each other that whole period of December leading up to the supposed date of 21.12.12, the 2012 phenomenon rapture day. We've came up with contingency plans, strategies to survive and whatnot, on how and where we're going to meet if the inevitable actually happened. I was more of an optimist, really. I mean, I'd love to be having a backup plan or rooting for the chance of survival if anything really happened, but I was more inclined to think that Judgement Day wouldn't happen.

I mean, seriously, remember the Mayan civilization suddenly mysteriously disappeared? So isn't it possible that because of that, there was no one around to finish the 2012 and continue the 2013 calendar? So technically you can't say for sure it's really gonna be the end of the world. Think, people, think!

Anyways, the actual day came and I was waiting for something to happen: the powers to go out like that TV series which I totally forgot the title, sudden darkness of the clouds with heavy wind and storm, a meteor shower, a sudden fall of snow outta nowhere, anything. I even expected what plenty rumours going around saying that there will be 2, 3 days of complete darkness, like a super eclipse or something. As I looked after princess as usual while trying to go about my business, I was waiting for something to happen on this D-Day.


Absolutely nothing.

No fire, hail, brimstone, gnashing of teeth. Nothing.

It was the most uneventful D-Day ever.

I mean, not that I'm hoping for 2012 phenomenon, but at least a small something to show for, maybe a bit of a hurricane, even.

But nothing.

We totally "survived" the end of the world that never happened.

And the next day, everything was back to normal, with no hubbub about the lack of 2012 phenomenon or anything. It was like as if the 2012 phenomenon had never been mentioned at all and it was back to business as usual. I bet those who committed suicide to avoid the D-Day suffering prolly pretty much died in vain, and their spirits must be feeling pretty stupid right now.

That was, while a relief, the most awk-weird moment of my life.

Still, at least we lived to see 2013, and we totally look forward to a great year ahead and more~

And by the way, just a P/S note: Happy Birthday to me~! Thanks everyone who wished me happy birthday on and off Facebook. I'm officially 29 this year~!

...Shit, one more year and I'll hit 30! I'm getting old!


Thursday, January 17, 2013 | By: BlackGargie

We Haz New Shopz

Haven't been updating like forever, since my life is primarily occupied by being with my little princess Liara, and also because since my in-laws were thinking of taking over the baby clothes business that was previously owned by my eldest sis in law, we were pretty busy trying to secure a good location and set up everything to officially open to the public.

Originally it was a home business, but since we live pretty far from most people, we decided to go where the population is and set up shop there. My dad in law, who is the sorta manager/groundsman of one of the local shopping malls, managed to snag a shop at a bargain rental price and we set up shop there.

A lot of trips downtown to get the fixtures and furniture we need, especially the railings, since stuff sold downtown is way cheaper, and many long days of fixing and hammering and drilling and moving stock and stuff, but we finally got our shop to open.

The first few days till now so far is pretty slow, prolly coz it's the weekday and it's also not yet payday, so not much people willing to spend. At least we made a bit of sale everyday, not much, but on a good day, we might earn at least $100++ in sales. So all is not too lost.

My buddy commented that the location is not too ideal since no one really comes upstairs in the shopping mall we're in, but sadly this is a pretty good bargain and it's the best that we can afford at the moment. Maybe if we can afford it, we might move, or maybe just be where we are and work on getting more exposure, I suppose.

Now that I'm working, I would have to leave my little princess at home to be raised by the maids. Technically I would've preferred if I had the most hand in raising my princess, and I wanted to bring her along with me to work, but unfortunately I still need to get back on the wheel (getting VERY rusty since I got my driving license and never drove because I was pregnant), and my princess is a little too young to be outdoors in a shop with me. Besides, it's super cold with the central air-conditioning, and I wouldn't want my princess to freeze.

To be honest, selling baby clothes is not really my forte (or passion), but then again, it's a family business, and I just need to sit there and look pretty while waiting for customers, so it's prolly the easiest job in the world I've ever had, and since it's a family business, there is more flexibility rather than being an office lackey where everything has to go through management and permissions and red tape and stuff, so yeah, I should count my blessings.

I could work on my arts still as a side income and piggy-back on this business to run my comics. I don't mind. Being a mangaka is still my biggest dream, though still, one step at a time then.