Friday, November 9, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Long Live Obama~!

Just got the 411 a couple of days ago that our dear ol' Barrack Obama has officially beat Mitt Romney to secure his place as president for 4 more years.

I, for one, am all for Obama, and I don't care what anyone says, even if it is my best friends. I'm glad Obama won and I fully support his role as president of the United States.

Someone who rejects and wants to repel healthcare for everyone and wants to tax rich people less and throw all the tax burdens to the lower classes *coughRomneycough* should not deserve to be president.

Some people claimed that since Obama had been president, he had caused USA to go $6 trillion in debt. It's not him who caused this debt, the debt was already there in the first place by Bush and he was left with the shit to clean up. And even if he IS the one at fault for the debt, well, let's face it, even in a business, you gotta make a few losses before you can make some profits, so if that debt is for the sake of trying to improve and salvage the wellbeing of the country, so be it. It's not like USA had never been in debt before.

Some people also say that the reason why Romney wants to repel Obamacare is because Obamacare actually caused medical bills to go even higher. Well, Obamacare is a policy where EVERYONE gets healthcare regardless if you have a pre-existing condition or not, means no one gets left behind from healthcare. Obama enforced that policy and how those money-minded pocket mongers deal with it is what caused the med bills to go up. They know that they cannot rip people off their money and deny them healthcare due to this policy, so they got around the bend to try and salvage a detour way to fill their pockets. IMO, those bloodsuckers are the ones responsible for the med bill, not the Obamacare policy itself.

Romney's idea of being a president is to tax rich people less so that they have enough money to hire people and let the middle- and lower-class shoulder the taxes, which is totally unfair. Why should the lesser man pay for the better man? Why should the better man get all the benefits when they are the ones who are relying on the lesser man to get those benefits for them?

Never mind him saying he wants to repel PBS as well (or was it PBC, I forgot, the channel responsible for creating shows like Sesame Street) prolly to dumb down the American citizens more, but the one where he said he had "women in binders" really got my goat. It's almost like he's implying that women are nothing more than just mere objects that you can just grab out of a cabinet file.

Fuck Romney, man. Long live Obama~!