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D-Day (Part Finale)

Final part of my D-Day record. Enjoy~!

Sept 26th (after the birth):

We made the announcement to all immediate families about the birth of Liara, and my hubby took pictures of Liara to be posted on FB, and as expected, a stream of congrats poured in. I totally didn't realize until the chaos was over and until the midwives commented on it that I was wearing the star bracelet that my chat friend sent me (I promised I'd wear it so that she could be there in spirit).

They said how cute it was, looking almost like sugar candy and they would love to have one. I told them that I'll pass the message to my chat friend, but I have a feeling she wouldn't be able (or want to) make it for them, LOL! We offered them some ang pau as appreciation for helping us out, then they helped to wrap and put my placenta in the plastic bag we prepared. I didn't get to see it since I was busy being doped up and stitched up, and frankly my concentration was all on Liara anyways. I'd like to see how it looks like though. Some last minute cleaning of my womb to get rid of excess membranes and leftover placenta pieces were done before I went to get changed and get wheeled to my bed.

Me and my little bundle of joy ^_^

We couldn't secure a first class room due to overcrowding (this month seems to be the fertile month or something; Mr Stork must be working overtime), so it was back to the maternity ward, though I was being put together with all the other mothers outside instead of the ward I was in (I would've liked that though). It felt kinda weird sleeping in a row of beds with a bunch of strangers. If I were to share a room with one stranger like my roomie, I'd be fine, but this was way out in public, and I was afraid that Liara would be bothered by the crying of the babies or she would bother others instead.

Surprisingly, as I slept through the night, waking up in between to check on Liara to see if she wanted to be fed, she had not cried much. She wasn't bothered by other babies crying either, unlike the other babies who cried at the first whine their tiny little peers made, and she didn't really cry when she had a full diaper either, so I had to monitor on that. She pooed twice that night and the first time I was listless and needed a nurse to help me out with changing her. Her poo was totally black, which they say was normal as she is expelling meconium from her system, and boy, did she poo a LOT. Fed her once or twice, but other than that, we both slept through the night.

Sept 27th:

My mom in law dropped by in the morning to bring me some eggs with rice wine, but I didn't really eat it coz I've already had my breakfast provided by the hospital. She brought over extra maternity pads just in case, and I can tell you, it was the heaviest blood flow I have ever felt in my years of having my period--and I'm quite the heavy bleeder during my menstruation, btw--though thankfully, I've researched that it was a pretty normal thing to happen because my uterus is trying to get back into shape and is expelling lochia aka excess blood.

The docs came in to do their routine check up, though a different doctor is assigned for babies exclusively only while the mothers were still being checked by their designated doctors. The OBGYN doc I met was glad to see me pop the bun outta the oven, and saw that I was looking fine with a clean bill of health. I was hoping to be discharged on that day, but apparently because of my lack of breastfeeding skill, the doc checking Liara said her sugar level was low and we have to stay another day to monitor her until she gets her sugar level back up.

My BFF came over to visit and we sat and chatted until my mom in law and my hubby came over for the afternoon visiting hour. He managed to sneak into the examination room inside to catch a glimpse of Liara and took shots of her and him goofing around with her (as usual), and gave his congrats. My mom in law immediately got me started on the confinement diet and I had to forgo the hospital lunch, which in all honesty, looks pretty tasty though. It was chicken with rice wine, and definitely got the good kick to it with the wine and the ginger.

Me enjoying my rice wine chicken
Later on, turns out that Liara's sugar level was normal all along, it's jus that because her feet were col when they took her blood sample that it gave a false reading. But the nurses were not taking any chances and still want me and Liara detained, including the lame excuse that they think I'm not confident enough to breastfeed and therefore shouldn't be released. So what? If I never get the hang of it, I'll never be released forever? That's just stupid. But it seems that legally they can do it, because if I discharge myself without authorization, they're legally allowed to refuse to treat me and/or Liara in the future due to waiver of rights or something. Meh...

Nightfall after my hubby, dad in law and mom in law's final visit, Liara had a sudden long streak of demand feeding. After I changed her nappy and fed her and put her to sleep, she was suddenly restless and refused to sleep. At first I thought it was because she had caught wind, so I tried to burp her, but everytime she burped, she was hungry again, and I've been switching breasts for her to feed from 1am all the way till morning light. I asked the nurses if this was normal 4 hours down the feeding and she said it's demand feeding and it's perfectly normal, since my milk supply was still at its early stages and not producing much yet. I didn't have a decent sleep and the weight and reality of motherhood had really started to come down on me and overwhelmed me with the blues, and I literally shed tears.

Sept 28th:

Before I knew it, the sun was already out and I barely had 10, 15 minutes of sleep between feedings, even after the nurse taught me to feed Liara lying down so that I can catch some shut eye. The docs came for their rounds and issued Liara a 100% clean bill of health and I was officially discharged, in which I quickly texted my hubby to come and pick me because all of a sudden I have never been so homesick in my entire life. They asked if I needed contraceptives but I declined since looking after Liara and also the upcoming baby clothes business is going to take up most of our time to even think about sex. As I packed my stuff and changed Liara's diapers and clothes, she continued to demand feeding and I had to break in between to feed her, and my brains are just in pins and needles wanting to sleep and just don't wake up until I'm ready.

My mom in law and hubby finally showed up to help me with the packing and I went to get changed. According to my maternity records, I was supposed to get a Rubella shot after giving birth, and somehow, despite me declining for a contraceptive, they still issued me a Depo anyways (I only knew what Depo means after I went home to research on it) along with the Rubella shot. There is a Chinese tradition in which when you're leaving the house or coming home with your child, you must announce it to the child so that their spirit would not get lost or something, so when we left the hospital, we had to say "We're going home now" and once we reached home, we had to say "We're home now" to Liara.

Once home, everyone clambered to see Liara: the kids, my sis in law's husband (my sis in law is at work), the maids and most importantly my grandma in law. She commented on how small Liara was, and I laughed, wondering what is her standard of a big baby anyways. My mom in law made offerings and joss sticks to the ancestor's to sort of "introduce" Liara to the family before we finally brought her upstairs to the room and put her in her freshly made cot. Only then, I finally let loose my tears and hugged my hubby, releasing my blues and have him comfort me before he guide me to the bed to let me have my well-deserved rest.

That's all for D-Day. Hope you enjoyed reading it. And I hope motherhood would be easy on me as I learn my way through it. And here's a photo of Liara in her new home and new cot:


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