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D-Day (Part 3)

Moar continuation of D-Day. Carry on ^_^

Sept 26th:

Today the docs did their usual rounds, and my hubby and mom in law managed to drop by to check on me and pass me some last minute stuff that I might need before they're caught and kicked out.

When the docs came to monitor me, I told them about my situation, but then again I realized that since I woke up and before the docs made their rounds, my contractions have returned to its usual pace of from 20++ mins to 10++ mins, so I told them that too. All the docs agreed unanimously that I've been a little bit too overdue for their tastes and the maximum they'd usually allow an average overdue mom go to is a week, and I was only dilated 2.5cm. They decided amongst themselves and to me that I should be induced, which totally clashed with my drug-free part of the natural birth plan.

I called my hubby to tell him about the docs' decision and while he sounded a little reluctant too as well about the whole induction idea, he said he couldn't really decide either and told me to ask for details before deciding and to tell my mom in law about it, so I did.

Thus began the sorta longest day of my life.

As I waited for things to progress, I realized that whatever it was that was done to me during the vaginal exam during the docs' rounds had somehow, while hadn't really shorten my contraction gap, had somehow strengthened the contraction feeling and I decided to let the nurse on duty know about it. That's where I heard the plan was that the docs wanted to induce my birth by manually breaking my water, then issue me an IV drip that will dilate my cervix and hopefully get my birth going from there, since my overdue-ness might lead to distress for the baby and the sooner I get Jr out, the better.

Well, looks like it's not really drugs per-se, but it sounded natural more or less. According to her, I was already in the waiting list to secure a place at the 1st stage labour room and it's just a matter of time where they would proceed with their plan. I told my hubby about it, and he told me to update him on any progress, and while I bore the contractions the best I could, with my roomie genuinely concerned for me and giving me moral support, it was suddenly getting stronger and stronger. The only way for me to describe it was an overwhelming menstrual cramp sensation that starts from the back all the way to my pelvic area and just spreads through my abdomen and gives you an almost paralyzing sense of pain and discomfort that makes you want to curl up into a ball and die.

Something like that.

I finally couldn't take it anymore handling it with only a roomie's support and texted my hubby to come and accompany me. About roughly I-dunno-maybe-forever-ago-while-my-contractions-are-getting-worse-please-hurry moments later, my hubby finally showed up and helped me through the pain. When it's about 8 mins apart, the nurse in duty finally came in to say the 1st stage labour room is ready for me. I couldn't really stand or walk due to the incoming contractions, so she decided to get me a wheelchair and wheeled me over. I put up a strong front and a smile to my roomie and gave her a Peace sign as my way of saying goodbye to her before heading off to the room.

Once there, I was asked to lie down and wait for the induction while enduring those super deathly long 8-mins apart contractions. It was absolute torture as time went by, even worse when my hubby had to go back to the office to finish some loose ends, and I had to endure it alone. Before he left, he managed to stay long enough to be there for the induction to begin, which they did it by inserting some kind of teensy-weensy thimble-like cap tablet into my vagina which immediately broke my water. It came out like a gush without warning, and I was a bit surprised but not too concerned--I was already well-informed neways--but it was an interesting experience, in the midst of my pain, to feel my water break. It was unlike the kind that I see happen offscreen in movies or read in pregnancy books, almost like you just peed yourself but you didn't know it until it's all out and it's coming from your vagina, not your bladder.

They then issued me some IV drips with some sort of formula to help my dilation along, which in turn made my contractions get closer and even worse, especially without the water to cushion it. It took them forever and a few painful jabs here and there for them to locate my veins on my hand, but at least it temporarily got my mind off the pain of the contraction. I totally didn't eat anything for lunch since I was in too much pain to have any appetite, and my last contraction made me puke out my breakfast, so throughout enduring the contractions in the 1st stage labour room, I was dry-heaving every time a contraction hits, and I heard the midwives were saying that I should've ate something because I might need the strength later. I would've argued my reasons but it wasn't really time, and I didn't really have the mood to retaliate.

My mom in law came over and tried to stay with me through it, but unfortunately the 1st stage labour room was not like the usual wards. Visitors technically were not allowed to stay, or even be in the room, but I couldn't care less. I wanted my hubby and I wanted him now, so I begged my mom in law to call him to come back and be with me. While she went out to call my hubby, I somehow barely remember being recommended a number of painkillers by the midwives: epidural (the standard painkiller most famous for pregnant women), pethimidin (I think that's how you spell it; it's not really a painkiller per se, but more like a sedative to allow me to rest between contractions) and oxygen-nitrogen gas (heard that its not exactly much of a painkiller anyways). At first, I was having none of those, coz they were sorta violating the drug-free part of my birth plan. But with the contractions getting really closer to each other, I finally couldn't take it. I whispered weakly to give me the pethimidin at least, so they injected it into my butt.

My hubby finally showed up and stayed by my side for the rest of the process. I was starting to feel the effects of the drug as I was in and out, waking up when the contraction hits and napping when the contractions were over. They tell me to try and resist the urge to push if my contractions get any closer because at that point they think I'm not dilated enough, but it was easier said than done. A few times the urge was too great that I was half-complying-half-resisting, and it really felt like trying to take a dump, but of a different kind. Fanfics and RPing that I've been doing about birth scenes pale in comparison with what I was feeling at the time. The midwives did comment that they were quite impressed that I was pretty quiet throughout the ordeal. They must have a lot of noisy mothers once labour starts.

After going in and out of consciousness and enduring contraction after contraction, despite me being only 6cm dilated, they decided to bring me to the actual labour room since my contractions were getting quite closer together. I was wheeled in and sent into one of the delivery wards where I was then guided to the delivery bed. Unlike the beds I see in movies or in documentaries about birth, it was laid flat, not reclined, and even it was reclined, it was only on the head of the bed and barely even tilted. From what I read, I shouldn't be giving birth flat on my back due to gravity, but at the moment, I couldn't care less, coz I was in desperate need to lie down and sleep before my next contraction hits. I recall being injected with some sort of solution on my vagina folds, which later on I assume it could be something to help my vagina stretch or something. I was super worried that they were going to give me an episiotomy (which I totally not want it to happen under my knife-free clause of my birth plan) but thankfully I don't see a scalpel and I don't feel any cut being made.

My hubby was there all the way as I finally got the cue to push. I've been trying to resist throughout and it was a bit of a sigh in relief when they let me do what my body has been screaming for me to do. They didn't recline the bed any higher, but I was both doped up and eager to go anyways. My hubby supported my head to help me keep my chin to my chest as I pushed. They first told me to lie down on my left and use my hand to lift my inner thigh up to push while they hold the rest of my leg up, then the rest of the pushing carried on with me lying on my back and holding my inner thighs up, with them holding the rest of my legs up as well. It really feels like taking a dump, and when they say push along with the contractions like in those fanfics, I found myself really doing it. It's almost an instinct thing going on inside me as I heeded the midwives' words whenever I could and had my hubby giving me moral and vocal support beside me.

Because of the drugs, I think I was in on and off mode. I konked out after pushing and would wake up pretty alert again when the contractions hit and start pushing. I could hear the midwives coaching me and cheering me on, telling me to try and get in as much pushing as possible in that one contraction, but let me push at my own time when my body feels ready. So I guess it's half coached, half assisted, or something. I dunno. In the midst of all that pushing, I remember hearing the midwives telling me not to make too much sound, even though I was technically having my mouth closed at all times and I recall making whimpering and grunting noises. I guess they just want me to conserve my breath on pushing rather than making sounds, but I can't help it. I must've looked my worst in front of my hubby, and I still feel a little embarrassed thinking about it right now.

Finally, after dunno how many times of pushing, I finally hear the magic words "Almost there, one more push!" I summoned the last of my breath and strength to push that one final time and voila! Jr slid out of my womb just like that. And the moment Jr slid out, the cries rang in the room without even needing the nurse to help suction out the fluid from the mouth and nose or being smacked and rubbed on the back like what I see in documentaries. Surprisingly I only am able to feel her sliding out; there was no fabled "ring of fire" that I was supposed to feel when her head is crowning. She just slid out like it was the most normal thing to do. Prolly coz I was too doped up to feel it or it had something to do with the injection the midwives gave me on my vagina folds. The midwives announced Jr's gender--a girl as the private clinic doc predicted--and quickly handed her to me to initiate skin-to-skin contact for bonding. I was prolly so tired and so doped up that I wasn't really crying for joy, but I was definitely overwhelmed with happiness and relief that she was alright and in my arms, and it's true what they say: Once your baby is in your arms, you'll forget all the pain, and I totally did.

That and the sedative still working on me. LOL!

Neways, I was surprised my hubby was still standing. Unlike the typical stereotype husbands, my hubby didn't faint, and he said it was an interesting experience to watch a live birth. He was there when the midwives examined her and gave them her first clothes to wear, and was there to learn how to properly hold and carry a newborn baby. While he was busy with that, I was busy lying down letting the midwives take out my placenta and stitch up my tears. I got some 2nd degree tears, as they call it, and initially the leading midwife wanted to give me an episiotomy, but she saw that since the state of my perineum wasn't as bad as she had expected, she let nature take its course. Then they gave me something to eat to build up my strength and let me breastfeed Jr for the very first time.

Again, I was surprised that I was quick to produce colostrum when the midwife squeezed my tit to get Jr to latch on, and boy, did she really latch on. LOL! She looked a bit blue, though we suspect it was prolly the distress she experienced from the induction. A bit of exposure to the heating radiator and she was right as rain, and cutely dressed in the clothes my childhood friend bought me when she came for a surprise visit when I was still preggers.

Neways, here's Jr's very first photo, and finally we can announce her name: Liara King, born 26th September 2012, 5.22pm!

Welcome to the world, Liara~!

Stay tuned for the final part of D-Day


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