Wednesday, October 3, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

D-Day (Part 2)

Continuation of D-Day. Enjoy!

Sept 25th:

Couldn't sleep the whole night due to contractions, which was getting worse and more regular (about every 10 minutes). After I've given the after-midnight uine sample the nurses requested, I started monitoring my contractions until I could no longer stall, and I got up and spoke to the graveyard shift nurse about it.

She then led me to the examination room at the back and gave me another vaginal exam. Again, I tried to relax and instead resisting, I tried to get my hips to stay down and push against her hand instead of  away from her in hopes to cooperate with her ministrations, and she said the same thing the OBGYN doc told me: my cervix is nice and soft, but still not readily dilated. There was only a slight progress from 1.5cm to 2cm, which felt kinda, sorta disappointing and frustrating for me after enduring all that contractions, and needless to say I was sleepless and in uncomfortable pain all through till morning light.

I managed to sorta fall asleep in between contractions coz I was so damn tired being kept up all night, and at around 5.30am, my roomie and I were woken up to do our blood pressure, temperature and ECG reading. I groggily let them do their thing, while the contractions continued with a renewed ache. Since here in Brunei, we don't exactly have maternity classes or Lamaze classes, I had to rely on what I read in books and tried to breathe through my contractions. It was consistent as I counted: roughly 9-10 minutes apart.

My mom in law came over first to check on me, bringing the panty liners I requested, then after she left, my hubby came along, bringing my handbag I requested too. My mom in law also brought extra plastic bags to keep the placenta to be buried later in the day (apparently it's not just a Malay-exclusive only tradition to bury your placenta/afterbirth; not sure what is the reason behind that tradition or what it signifies other than it was part of the baby, and thus the spirit too) if I give birth. Too bad we didn't know that 7.30-11.00am was when the docs make their rounds to do examinations, so my hubby barely stayed for 15 mins before he was shooed out by security. But at least he was there to find out the results of my examination: that I'm still 2cm dilated (the doc was a little rough, turning and screwing around inside doing the VE) and my contractions were considered mild--apparently 3 contractions per 10 minutes (meaning a 3-min gap between contractions) was the ideal strong rhythm, so looks like I'm gonna be detained for another day.

When I came back from my second walk before lunch, I had the urge to go take a dump, so while I was dumping while playing iPad that my hubby so kindly brought along with my handbag, I was about done when I felt something really weird and slippery slowly slithering out of my vagina. I thought my water may have been broken, but instead it fell with a resounding "PLOP". I managed to catch a glimpse of something like a brown clump of mass before I cleaned myself and pondered what just happened and whether to tell the nurse.

When my hubby came over after his lunch, I told him about it and he suggested I should inform the nurse anyway. So I did, and the nurse told me it's most likely my mucus plug, since it's a brownish mass, and because of my vaginal exam in the morning that pried it loose. She told me to monitor my contraction progress and let them know if they get worse and/or I'm starting to leak water. I was quite excited since finally it's a matter of time before my water breaks and I can meet Jr.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as I hope for. My water showed no signs of breaking whatsoever. In fact, after I took my dump and lost my mucus plug, my contractions have mysteriously decreased greatly to the point where I thought it almost disappeared. Throughout the day, I've only ever felt it about 4, 5 times, and I did raise my concern about this, but the nurses doesn't seem to think it anything wrong. When my mom in law came to visit in the afternoon (though she had to leave the room for a while because we're getting our fetal heartbeat reading) and told me to voice my concerns to the nurse in duty, she, too, doesn't seem to think it urgent and told me to just monitor my contraction progress and/or if my water breaks.

The fetal heartbeat reading was interesting though, as we were temporary training subjects. The nurse was educating a group of trainees the ropes and we were the perfect example of one who is and isn't full term. I was the easy one since I'm full term and it's easier to find the heart rate, while my roomie is the non-full term one and they have to learn with their hands how to guess the baby's position to find the heartbeat as well as telling the difference between finding a heartbeat and finding the placenta. We were even directed questions, which was kinda cute. Reminds me of when I had to learn the ropes of something in a group.

Other than that, the day went by without incident. I took more walks as per my mom in law's advice (only feeling 1, 2 contractions in between) and generally worrying about Jr. Saw a distressed mother whom later I found out from my roomie was stressed out with her lack of progress in labour and sorta making a scene that they had to transfer her to a different ward so as not to stress the other would-be mothers. My mom in law, 2nd sis in law and her husband, and my hubby came for the last visit of the day, accompanying me and basically just idle chit-chat before I could finally get my well-deserved hot shower and took a last walk before retiring for the day.

As I write this and just given my after-midnight urine sample, I saw one of the would-be mothers being wheeled out and one of the attendants saying something about Code 12. I hope she would do OK and come out fine with her little one, and I hope Jr will be alright too.

Alright, that's all for now. Stay tuned for my next entry and keeping my fingers crossed.