Tuesday, October 2, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

D-Day (Part 1)

Well, here we are, the news you 've all been waiting for! But it's best if I just start off from the beginning and build it up from there.

Sept 24th:

On Friday the 21st, I had been feeling more than just Braxton Hicks. It definitely felt more painful and uncomfortable and more like contractions, at more or less a regular pace, and the pushing down pressure seemed to be more and more prominent, like as if Jr is trying to push her way out or something.

On the due day itself, on Sunday the 23rd, Jr hadn't shown any signs of coming out, but the midnight contractions were getting worse. I knew then it was actual contractions because I felt it all the way down my back, but still no signs of water breaking or a bloody show (or, in the scientific term, the mucus plug that holds the whole pregnancy together).

So on Monday the 24th, I went for the OBGYN appointment at the hospital as scheduled by the gov clinic to see what is in store for me. You really have to be there early because by the time we got there, which was about 10, 15 minutes prior to my appointment, the whole place was jam-packed with expectnt mothers, which was way worse than when I had to go for morning check-ups at the gov clinic.

Had gotten my number and everything and proceeded to waiting. Weirdly, we waited for almost forever to have my number called, but there was none. After waiting for almost 20 minutes, I went to the counter to enquire about it, only to find that apparently I had to wait inside where all the examination rooms are, and do self-urine test and weight-taking just like in the gov clinic.

And they had to tell me like NOW when I've already informed them this was my first time in OBGYN! Meh!

No matter, we're there anyways, there was no turning back, so I went to do my urine-test (which I totally didn't know I had to do until AFTER they asked about it when they took my blood pressure) and weight-taking. 73kg on the dot, no more, no less, so should be alright. Apparently it was a first-come-first-serve basis where we had to sit at the corner row of chairs and wait for our turn, and move the line along after the one before was done, like musical chairs of sorts. There's this lady who prolly didn't know the rules and almost cut my queue, but I quickly beat her to the punch before she did and then she realized the queue.

After that, we waited to be called into the examination room. My hubby had to wait outside at the entrance waiting room (including all other husbands and children) to make way for the increasing pregger ladies coming in. And surprisingly, they called us by name and not by number, so the point of giving us a queue number in the first place was beyond me.

Finally, my name was called, and I was given the standard issue fetal heartbeat check and fundal height (baby size) check. Thankfully I got a nice Sino-Filipino doctor who asked me the standard questions and all. When she saw how far along I was and after I told her about my condition since Friday, she said she'll do a vaginal exam to see the condition of my uterus.

Despite the fact that she told me to relax, my hips instinctively bucked when she stuck her hand in. It's not like i've never had things shoved inside me before for exams, but somehow my pussy seemed to be extra sensitive that my body won't obey my mind to relax.

That was when she told me that I'm technically ready for labour because my cervix has already soften and I'm about 1.5 dilated, so she was going to issue me an escort to admit me into their maternity ward. I was glad that we decided to bring along my maternity/delivery bag just in case this happened as I waited a little nervously and excitedly for my escort to take us to the 2nd floor where the maternity and L&D wards were.

We had to wait for quite a while to be accomodated because apparently it's quite the busy month for them. Beds were almost full and they had to look for alternatives to admit newcomers in. After being taken my temperature and blood pressure again, I was given a bed in the breastfeeding/daycare room which was converted beforehand into a makeshift ward (lucky me!) and while my hubby went down to get my maternity/delivery bag and other misc stuff (mostly my writing and drawing file) from the car, I was snapped onto an ECG (or was it EKG?) machine for the docs to monitor fetal heartbeat and movement, and I was given a trigger button to press everytime I feel Jr move. After about almost 20 minutes, the nurse read the chart and mumbled something positive before telling me to get comfy and change into my hospital gown, which is this:

My ugly mugshot

The rest of the day seemed to go more or less leisurely as I entertained myself taking walks (highly encouraged by my mom in law to ease my baby down and make me dilate), taking random pictures, texting my family back home, my eldest sis in law and my buddy about where I am, checking out the sights and having random text conversations with my hubby as well as  having him and my mom in law visit during visiting hours.

Here are some of the pics I took:

Our building faces directly to the hospital canteen

Corridor with expectant families

Main entrance

The 1st stage labour room

Entrance to our ward

How it looks inside

Door to my room

My bed

The ECG (or EKG?) machine

Stuff I brought over to entertain myself, since there's no internet access in the hospital

My maternity/delivery bag and its contents

More shots of the ward

Back door of the ward

Random shots of Brunei's finest ambulances

Found out later that day that I was getting a roomie, and we bonded quite well. She was admitted for hypertension and high sugar level (she has gestational diabetes, it seems) and will be under observation for the next 24 hours. At least I wouldn't be so bored and alone.

Food provided by the hospital was pretty good, apparently it's from the famous Royal Brunei Catering, which usually caters to airplanes and high-end buffet functions. At least it wasn't those dreaded hospital food that I often hear or see actors complain a lot when they're doing hospital scenes. Unfortunately they don't offer jello or pudding desserts like in the movies either.

Had a bit of spotting patch (aka bloody show) too later in the evening, due to the OBGYN giving me the vaginal exam which must've ruptured it (I still shudder to think of the spots of blood on her glove tips after she was done), and had to ask my mom in law to spare me some pantyliners just in case I get more spotting later on, and reminded my hubby to bring my handbag along just in case I wanted to use my wallet inside there to buy snacks or anything, as well as use my camera.

That's it for now. Stay tuned to my next entry!