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26 Boops That Shook The World

Just felt like sharing this

26. The Classic Boop (aka, The "I Boop Your Nose" Boop)
This is the no-frills, standard-issue, "classic" boop. Just boop the nose, say "Boop!" and go about your day. Nothing at all wrong with that.
25. The Upside-Down Boop
Turn the tables on a would-be-booper! Remember: Even if you appear to be in a compromised position, all it takes is a quick-thinking full-pawed boop to completely change the game.
24. The Head-To-Head Boop
Booping isn't always hand-to-nose though! Advanced booping can take a variety of interesting forms. Real men, for instance, boop with their foreheads.
23. The Deep-Meaning Boop
This is a variation on the "Classic Boop" that requires an extra-large helping of love in your heart. Do not attempt unless your heart is positively brimming with love.
22. The Ele-Boop
All you need for this boop is a friendly disposition and a two- to three-foot long trunk.
21. The Gentle Admonishment
Need to tell someone what you really think about the way they're behaving? Why not say it with a boop?
20. The French Boop
Also known as the "get a room already" boop.
19. Super Serious Boop
Boops can often have a playful element, but that does not mean that they should be treated with anything except the utmost seriousness when the occasion calls for it.
18. Airplane Boop
Do not try this boop. This is a bad boop.
17. Unexpected Ninja Boop
This is a great boop to try if (a) you're not 100 percent sure how your partner feels about booping and (b) your partner is (for instance) a ferocious lion.
16. Drive-By Boop
For booping when you're in a hurry!
15. The (Nautical) Drive-By Interspecies Boop*
*Extremely high degree of difficulty. Attempt this boop with caution.
14. Boop-From-Behind
Also known as the "Friendly Encouragement" Boop. Extra points if you can execute this boop underwater.
13. The Baby Boop
Find a baby. Boop the baby.
12. Chicken Boop
Find a chicken. Boop the chicken.
11. The Shark Boop
Find a shark. Actually wait, no, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS BOOP. GET OUT OF THIS BOOP. GET. OUT!
10. The Overly Dramatic Boop
An excellent companion to the "Super Serious Boop," the Overly Dramatic Boop is for when you're feeling cinematic and expansive.
9. The Aspirational Boop
Boop your way all the way up the corporate ladder with this boop.
8. The "I Literally Got Your Nose" Boop
This boop is fairly controversial in most booping circles, since the "I got your nose" exclamation that accompanies many standard nose-boops is supposed to be metaphorical.
7. The "I Dub Thee Sir Puppers" Boop
A super specialized boop that is only recommended for Dalmatian puppies or other small dogs with suitable gravitas.
6. The "Reach Out And Boop Someone"
No matter how large they may be, if your tiny little hand can reach as far as their willing nose, be assured: You can boop them.
5. The "Come Here, I Need To Boop You With Both Hands" Boop
This boop can be extremely dangerous for an amateur booper, but, executed well, it is one of the most rewarding boops of all.
4. The Breaking Boundaries Boop
Reach across the interstellar void between the species and boop until the world ends.
3. The "I Know We Have Our Differences But I Love You Anyway" Boop
This boop is a mouthful to say, but it's also the secret to world peace, so it's kind of worth it.
2. The Self Boop
Who says you need a partner to boop?
1. The Seated-High-Five Into Forehead-Boop
One of the purest and most impressive boops on the books. If you follow these four steps correctly, you will have high-fived, forehead-booped, and finished off with an elegant variation on the "Classic Boop" - all in one fluid motion. Pat yourself on the back - or, better yet, Self Boop. You've earned it!
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3 More Days and Counting...

3 more days and counting.

Can't believe it's the 20th here already, and by this Sunday 23rd (or maybe till the 27th, if my private clinic doc is right), I may or may not be having Jr in my arms.

Getting more and more nervous as the countdown goes on.

Went for my appointment (prolly final one for the trimester) yesterday, and everything seemed to be fine. Somehow I think because they saw that I was near due date, they assigned me to an actual doctor instead of the usual roundhouse nurse and stuff. The doc was the same doc that gave me the crappy ultrasound last time and I wasn't really too fond of her, but since she's in charge, I'll have to bear with it.

I told her I have been having a bit of pushing or "taking a dump" urges a few days after my last appointment, but not very frequent, and the night before I had a very aching pressure near my groin and bladder, but the doc keeps telling me not to think about my bladder or stomach or whatever, just tell her how I feel. That IS exactly how I feel, goddammit, pressure at my bladder! But she keep insisting to tell her how I feel and not concentrate on the bladder, so I just gave up and said while gesturing, "Fine, it aches right here, but only last night, now no more" before she was satisfied.

Good god, that's the main reason why I'm SO not fond of her.

Neways, she checked Jr's heartbeat and all was well and normal, Jr even sorta shared my displeasure with her by kicking and moving around when she manhandles me. She gave me a fetal kick chart and told me to keep track of Jr's fetal movements, and if she doesn't meet the quota of 10 kicks per day, I have to go to the labour room straightaway.

Then at the last minute, they told me to wait a little longer coz they scheduled me for a OBGYN, so we waited almost forever before being told that I can just go home and wait for the call for the appointment since the OBGYN doc is engaged at the moment. Minutes before I reached home, they called me to tell me that if I haven't gone into labour on the due date, then my appointment with the OBGYN is on the 24th and I have to go to the hospital in the morning to schedule for it.

Gonna bring the maternity/delivery bag along, just in case.

I know we've more or less have everything packed and ready, but I still can't help feeling worried. What if Jr becomes too overdue? What if something goes wrong? What if I have to go under the knife after all? Will my hubby blame me for it? Will my in-laws blame me for it? Those are the tons of worries that is going through my mind right now.

But my biggest worry would be Jr herself. Hope she will have all her 10 fingers and 10 toes and her health, that's all I'm asking for...
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It's the Final Countdown

One week.

Totally unreal.

One more week until I'm officially gonna squeeze Jr outta me.

We've got all the big stuff outta the way, grabbed onto a few baby clothes that we like from our baby business shop (got the privilege of buying it at cost price, lol!) and bought most of our necessities like baby bottles, diapers, maternity pads, baby bibs, etc... and stock-piled them into the chestful of drawers we got.

We even got our baby travel bag, though we were wondering how the baby travel bag that, according to my eldest sis in law who stayed in Singapore for a while before her return flight back to London, our Singapore family friend had got for us would look like once it's sent over. We're thinking we'd most likely get it anyway if they decided to come over to visit for the one-month baby shower for Jr.

We've got my maternity/delivery bag ready and packed with the necessary things needed to be brought over when the time comes, and the ante-natal card is within my line sight at all times so we can just grab it whenever. Keep having the nagging feeling that maybe we haven't packed enough, but that'll be determined later when the time comes. Baby has to come first after all, all the luxury kits and whatnot can wait or be brought over later during the day.

Been trying to stay indoors as much as possible, so that when labour happens we'll have everything at hand and ready to go, but sometimes cabin fever itches in and I would feel the urge to just go out and dine out or something just to gimme some fresh air, thus I'm almost always looking forward to lunch dates with my buddy. Spending most of my time just resting up and monitoring myself to make sure I'm really in labour or not.

Starting to have occasional feelings of pushing down or wanting to take a dump or something, but it's not in regular intervals, and it somehow only occurs most during the evenings and wee hours of the morning, so I suppose I could consider that a sign of Braxton Hicks. Still can't really tell the difference between that and Jr stretching me, coz I read a number of testimonials where some women don't even know they're getting actual contractions until they were actually admitted into the hospital or during the delivery. I guess I got a bit of higher pain tolerance, so I gotta watch out or I might just end up delivering in my bedroom without even knowing it.

Almost had a false alarm today coz I thought I was leaking, and the moment I msg-ed my concern to my hubby, he went flying back home. LOL! I ended up worrying more about him becoming roadkill than about me going into labour. But turns out to be a false alarm, I was prolly just leaking piss instead of my water actually breaking because after a change of pants and no sign of pain or contractions, everything seemed to be fine.

Ah, well, like they say, better safe than sorry.

My buddy's vegan friend came back to Brunei with her newly-wed hubby for the hols and she commented that I don't look like someone who is about to pop, so I dunno if that actually supposed to sound like a good thing or not. I just hope that when delivery happens, I want it to be natural, drug-free and knife-free as possible. I don't even want to imagine having an episiotomy either (no freaking way am I gonna let them cut my junk), let alone a C-section. Keeping my fingers crossed until the worst-case scenario possible.

Date here is the 16th, and my due date is between 23rd to 27th...

Good god, it really is one week down the line.

*nervous tick and nail-biting~*