Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

The Countdown is Nigh... D:

4 more weeks and counting...

Ahh, can't believe it'll be 4 more weeks before I officially am a mother.

Went for my latest appointment checkup yesterday, taking my blood test for full blood count and whatnot. My urine test came out with slight traces of protein, most likely coz I had a heavy dinner the night before because we were celebrating my dad in law's and my nephew's bday, but nothing too much to worry about.

This time, an actual doctor sent from the hospital was there to examine me. It seems that they would have a doctor every once in a while to the clinic to check on patients and such, because my previous checkups were mostly done by the nurses, and the last time I had a doc check me was an Indian doc when I was 5 months preggers. This time it was a Filipino doc.

Blood pressure and everything was good, and I did voice my concerns about my ribs aching and unable to get enough sleep because of that, and a recent ailment where I would always wake up with cramped fingers, even when I take a nap or something. The doc said it's normal and the internet said it will go away once my pregnancy is over, but if it doesn't and persist longer than it should, I should consider treatment. I suppose it's one of those water retention thingies. I don't get swollen feet, but my fingers pay the price.

The doc said that in 3, 4 days, I will officially be 37 weeks, and any signs of labour past those weeks are safe because I'm officially in my 9th month and the baby's fully formed without needing to worry of complications and premature labour, but it's still advisable that she's born close to the due date as possible. The doc told me to watch out for these 3 signs and go to the hospital immediately:
  • If fetal movement decrease or abruptly stopped for a period of time
  • If there's regular contractions that lasts 5-10 mins or less
  • If there is watery discharge and/or spotting in my discharge
Jr's head is good and stayed in its right place head first, which is good news, and right now, all I need to do is wait for Jr to show up, though I'd rather if Jr is born after the Hungry Ghost Festival (two more weeks until it's over) so as not to invite unwanted karma or something, but then again, we'll see how fate goes.

Right now, I'm more worried about our still lack of baby stuff that we haven't got. We have yet to prepare the maternity bag for during my delivery, our baby travel bag, baby bottles, etc...Argh~! So many more things to prepare~!

The closer date I am, the more nervous I am right now... D: