Monday, August 13, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Rumble in the Bronx

Don't ask me why I gave this blog post the title. It just got stuck in my head and won't go away somehow.

Anyways, another new update now that the internet is back on (and I plan to totally use it like hell), and we almost had like a sorta heart-attack-inducing close call.

Went for my usual check-up on Wednesday and everything was standard procedure more or less, until the part where the nurse wanted to measure the baby's fundal height or something (sorta like measuring the baby's size through my belleh). The size was normal and it seems that Jr has progressed as usual, but somehow the nurse suddenly had the urge to feel if Jr was in the right position, which is head first.

When she started feeling around towards my pubic area, she started having this concerned look and felt some more, then told me that Jr was not at a correct position, that Jr was feet first and should be head first at this current stage. She told me not to worry, and said that hopefully Jr would turn since Jr is a active baby (they totally wriggled around while the nurse was feeling them up), but if by 36th - 38th week, Jr is still feet first, there may be a big chance that I would go under the knife during the birth.

I was totally worried sick even though she told me not to worry. I don't want Jr to be a breech birth, but I don't wanna go down the knife either. While I asked the eldest sis and apparently her surgery did not affect her milk production like my BFF's wife did (my hubby's eldest sis had all her kids via C-sec due to unforseen birth complications), I was still a little skeptical. I'd feel like a failure if I can't give birth naturally, I dunno, it's just something I feel very strongly about, despite knowing the pain it might be involved.

Then, we went for our appointed ultrasound at the private clinic (since gov clinic ultrasound totally sucks), and the doc greeted us with the usual familiarity. Urine, weight, and blood pressure test as usual, but somehow, this is always the case: if we do urine test at gov clinic, everything would turn out fine, but urine test at private clinic, something always turns out wrong, this time she keeps detecting bacteria in my urine (even though I told her it's prolly just sweat and I just kinda ate before going for the appointment) and insisted on giving me fungi meds so that it would not affect Jr when they're born.

As we did the ultrasound, thank goodness Jr was now head first, the head (according to the doc) starting to negotiate its way down to my canal. Jr was still super active while being scanned, and the doc could see that Jr had long fingers and rather long thigh bone, and she predicted that Jr would be a tall baby. LOL! Guess Jr got most of the genes from my hubby. And the last time we had the ultrasound at the private clinic, the doc saw that my placenta was down and quite close to my canal, but my ultrasound with the gov clinic showed that it had moved higher. This ultrasound confirmed it as my placenta is now up and to the side on my left. Well, at least it's not obstructing Jr's way to get out

And it's sorta official; Jr is a girl through and through. The doc pressed the device to where the sex is and apparently there were no sign of a dick or a pair of balls, so it's safe to say that we're gonna have a little princess running around the house. LOL! But we'll see how it goes.

Let's just hope that during the next gov clinic check-up, the nurse doesn't insist on thinking that it's feet first and go around scheduling a C-sec. Hands vs machine, machine should totally win in this case, and I'm gonna show my ultrasound to prove it, going behind their back be damned. I'm not about to risk doing unnecessary surgery just because some nurse thinks that she FEELS something is wrong when the machine has proven it right.

We already have a name in mind, but we're just gonna keep it a surprise from you, so you guys have to just wait like everyone else to know the name.

We're waiting for u, Jr, so hang in there and be well until we're ready to meet you and that you're ready to come out.