Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Rock-A-Bye, Jr~

We have finally received our baby cot last Thursday, and I couldn't resist documenting the set up of the cot XD

Some of the parts

An additional railing/part of the cot once Jr has gotten older, that way, the cot can be converted into a single bed and we don't really have to waste too much money trying to get a new bed when Jr gets a little older

Setting up the head, foot and base of the bed

Putting up the side parts of the bed

Some final touches, including putting the single bed parts under the mattress

And voila!

Somehow it was actually surprisingly larger than we have expected, because when we went to survey the bed, it actually looked about just right of the size. Maybe because of it being in a clutter with other baby cots, it looked small, but in our teeny room, it looked big. We finally have a temp area to keep all our other baby stuff and reduce the clutter in our room, but at least we gotten most of the big stuff outta the way.

Speaking of big stuff, we finally got our chestful of drawers too, just delivered this afternoon!

It's pretty much the right size, and while it's not long, it has a deep shelf, so we can actually stuff quite a number of things inside there, and trust me, we're gonna need a lot of stuff for Jr when she comes.