Wednesday, August 8, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

New Baby Stuff for Jr

Oh good God! Finally we have a bit of internet around here! But sadly I'm hijacking my hubby's office internet to do this. LOL!

Stupid phoneline services being gay on us. Apparently they have this sort of new system where if you don't pay your bills on time, the phone/internet company will cut off your phone line, and subsequently your internet line, and it is not as a suspension mode, but as termination mode. So if you want your phoneline/internet back, you have to have them reinstalled as if you were apply for a new line and pay the amount fee in full. No exceptions.

WTF?! Is that some kind of freakin' scam to grab money out of us? That is just totally lame! Just because of one late payment and you give us this zero tolerance treatment? Seriously? Good God! No wonder they got so many complaints and hate mail and stuff. Though I heard from my BFF that the reason they were doing this was coz of the money they owe due to inconsiderate late payers and stuff.

Thanks a lot, guys, for letting us suffer more than 3 weeks of boredom! >:(

Neways, a little bit of update. We got started on buying some stuff for Jr, who'll due by next month. We wanted to get the big stuff outta the way, but had to wait for my hubby to get his bonus and pay, so at the moment, these are what we got:

Baby stroller

Baby car seat (that came with the stroller)

A newborn body suit, for the day Jr's born

Baby binder (to keep Jr's tummy from the cold) and wet wipes

Cute little booties and mittens

And here are some gifts that are given by our friends and family:

Flexi-arch (a gift from my hubby's Singaporean family friend)

Baby clothes set (from my childhood friend)

A number of baby clothes (from my eldest sis in law)

Those are the stuff so far that we have. We'll be getting the big important things outta the way first before we think of the smaller stuff, so once my hubby gets his bonus and pay, there might be a baby crib and shelf involved ^_^