Saturday, July 7, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Superstition Sucks Eggs~!

Feeling a little pissed off right now, so I thought I'd get it off my chest coz like they say "Don't go to bed angry".

Neways, it's official: I'm not allowed to go and pay my respects to my friend whom I mentioned had passed away a week ago. Why? Because apparently it's one of the biggest taboos of us Chinese community about anything associated with the dead.

We Chinese has a strong belief that any place that houses the dead are considered 'dirty' in a spiritual sense. And we believe that pregnant women and babies are the most vulnerable to these 'unclean' entities around us. So basically if I go, I'd risk getting me or Jr possessed by evil or wandering spirits, like trying to mess around with an Ouija board if you're not experienced or something like that. And it seems that both my in-laws were very adamant about this taboo.

And they said if I still insist on going, then I should not set foot into the deceased's house, prolly coz I might attract negative energy or something. Then what the fuck is the point of going all the way there then, if I can set foot in neither the cemetery nor the house? What am I supposed to do, sit around in the car all day like an idiot waiting for the affair to be over? The whole point of going over to pay your respects IS to go to the grave and the family's home to offer condolences! WTF, man?!

This just makes me feel so bad. It's like fate is not allowing me to do at least one good deed or the courtesy to pay my respects to a friend. It just totally sucks! What if it were happen to my own family member? What if it were to happen to my dad? Are you telling me that just because I'm pregnant, I have to abide this stupid taboo and not allowed to even give my dad a proper last respect and farewell? Is abiding taboos more important than doing the moral thing?

Not that I wanna put the blame on Jr or anything, but it's times like these that being preggers suck, or being Chinese for that matter