Thursday, July 5, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

A Shocking Loss

I was totally shocked when I heard the news from my BFF and saw him posted this obituary pic on Facebook.

A long time dear friend of ours had passed on a week ago due to pneumonia, and prolly due to the hectic schedule of funerals and stuff, we only heard about the news when his wife WhatsApp-ed my BFF today.

It was a total shock to us all, including me. He was my BFF and my hubby's roomie and best friend when they were in college, and when I settled in into college, he was my first friend that I made. He was prolly part of the off-campus community or something, and he helped us out with moving in my things, helping me to set up my computer, and even helped me get out of a jam when my car battery died (due to my fault coz I keep forgetting to start up the engine everyday) and help me get it replaced before my mom was the wiser.

He even introduced me to my BFF. If it weren't for him, I would never have known my BFF and subsequently never have known my hubby.

I was considering to join my BFF and my hubby to go down to visit the family to extend my condolences and see if they needed anything, but they advised against it since I was pregnant and not fit for travel. The thing is I'm not really that due yet, so travelling shouldn't be an issue, and after all, it's been a week since he passed, and I'm sure the funeral is over and done with and there wouldn't be any effect on me since the travel is much shorter than traveling to my hometown and it's after the fact. Not that I want to be inconsiderate to Jr or anything, but come on, it's the guy who got me started on college. There isn't much room for me to be superstitious and all that.

I will always see you as my very first friend I made when I was a freshman in college, and I will always remember you as the first person who extended a helping hand at my time of need.

RIP, my friend