Tuesday, July 31, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Our Guests Have Arrived~

Guess who's back in town?

My eldest sis in law, of course. LOL!

She had been planning to come over here to Brunei to spend the summer hols with us, and she came with her 3 kids, well, technically 4, since she's pregnant again now. LOL! I got a temp pregger buddy now, and now that she's here, she might also be a good help to the baby business as her way of killing time and stuff.

Her 3 kids have grown pretty big after about a year or two away from us. The eldest son was slightly more mature now and we can more or less talk to him like a young adult or something, and easier to talk to (still as inquisitive as he used to be) and doesn't have the temper and lack of anger management as he used to. Prolly being in karate did him some good.

The daughter is as wistful as usual, and has a bit of a British accent after getting used to life in London, but at least we can still understand her. She's still artistic as usual, and bookish too, as she still likes to read, but she's still playful sometimes and serves as a surrogate elder sister to my other niece from the second sis in law.

The youngest son, no surprise, was fiesty, crazy and naughty as we knew him, but not as bad as he used to be. He's still silly and the jokester of the family, and he's much more articulate than he used to be back then, and would be just a random hoot sometimes. He also serves as a surrogate bro/playmate to my other nephew from the second sis in law.

We're gonna have a super chaotic environment for this whole month, so hopefully we'll be able to get along and have a good experience together.