Tuesday, July 31, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

New Updates on Jr

For those who have been following up on Jr throughout my blog, well, so far, nothing too much new to report. Jr is as fiesty as usual, and there have been certain uncomfortable changes on my body recently.

My check-ups were uneventful as usual, coming with a clean bill of health for every visit, but it seems that now Jr has started to make my left side of the belly as their permanent position. Occasionally I would see Jr kicking and stretching and the left side of my belly would be sticking out quite a bit, and it would kinda look creepy sometimes, as if I've got some kind of alien in my belly, LOL. Other than kicking and "slithering" around, Jr is just their normal self all day long.

Got my required tetanus shot though, and the nurses always seem to be very intrigued by my tattoo every time I raise my sleeve to get my shot, and also always make it sound like it's gonna hurt like hell when the shot was barely even a pin-prick. I guess they thought I was one of those sensitive people who would go "HOLY FUCKING SHIT, THAT HURTS!!!" over a little bit of pain. My pain tolerance is quite high, thank you very much

My childhood friend came over to surprise visit me last weekend, and I was indeed surprised because I had not expected her at all. She said her schedule would not allow her to come visit during the birth, so she decided to come earlier instead. We had fun, eating out, chatting over old times, played bowling (she does most of the playing though), and stayed up late to play pool with her and my hubby and his BFF and colleague and cousin. I wanted to play pool too since it was not a strenuous activity but everyone was against it, worried that it might harm Jr, but I was adamant about it. If I'm not allowed to play bowling and I'm gonna be sitting for hours in a pool arena, then by God, I'm gonna at least shoot a few games. Putting my foot down, I played a few games, though the first game was under the super worried watchful eyes of my hubby, treating me like a freaking porcelain doll and worried if I could bend and such. I can understand their worry, but this overprotectiveness is really annoying sometimes.

Though poor hubby felt super tired coz even though I was ready to go after the time seemed to be getting rather late and we have to go meet my eldest sis in law the next day, his BFF urged him to stay a little longer since my childhood friend is leaving early in the morning next day. We stayed for another hour and a half with my hubby looking tired and listless and super blank (prolly his way of protesting) before they finally got the damn hint and let us go. Needless to say, we were too tired to wake up to go meet my eldest sis in law at the airport and overslept.

Now Jr has given me a new problem now that I'm coming into my 8th month. I'm starting to have pelvic aches, mostly on the right side of my back hip and between my crotch (pubic bone) area. I think it's called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), which is quite common during later terms of pregnancy because of my pelvic seems to have sorta loosening of the ligaments or something coz it's preparing for childbirth.

I think it's slightly related to pelvic girdle pain or something, so now getting up from sitting or lying down in bed is like hell and I'm sorta kinda starting to waddle like a duck a little while walking. Standing and walking is fine, but it's mostly after I sit for a period of time, lying down in bed resting or reading, and when I wake up from bed after an all-night's sleep. From what I read, it'll go away after birth (hopefully) so I'll just have to bear with it because there is no medical cure or treatment or whatever. Keeping my fingers crossed right now

I would occasionally feel just a little bit of Braxton Hicks contractions, or false labour/practice contractions, but it's not very often (either that or it's just my imagination or just Jr moving). I think my uterus has been stretched to its limit now, coz I could really feel the tightness around my belly, and the feeling of Jr was even more obvious coz Jr has not much room to move around more and is literally stretching within me, that I can sometimes feel it on my sides or wherever my nerves are closest to Jr. I can even literally feel Jr stretching and pushing against my bladder, and it's not exactly a very comfy feeling XP I guess Jr is starting to get a little cramped and want to stretch their legs out more.

Hang in there, Jr, just one more month to go.


Kittymembrane said...

OMg omg really your like one more month already?! Its been that long D: omg omg im gonna be like an aunty in a month holy shit hoooollllyyyy shiiittt!!!