Sunday, July 8, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

A Divine Comedy

Just had to share this short little entry with you guys that tells me that God does work in mysterious ways.

Remember when I was ranting in my previous entry about not being able to go to pay my respects for my friend who passed away? Well, guess what? Neither did my hubby nor my BFF.

No, I did not sabotage their car or kept my hubby prisoner or anything, but this is really like a divine comedy right here. You see, I was slowly stirring from my sleep, waking up remembering that I'll be home alone today coz my hubby and my BFF has gone down Miri to pay their respects. I was expecting maybe for me to sulk all day and prolly go hang out with my buddy and maybe go on a Coffee Bean binge or something to make me feel better, so long as I don't have to stay home alone.

That was when my hubby suddenly showed up at the door looking both amused and awkward while I was looking up from my bed at him oddly. That was when he told me that the trip was off. I dunno fully the details, but apparently when they reached the Brunei border to get to the other side, my BFF realized from the immigration toll clerk there that his visa has expired and he couldn't cross until he renewed it. He totally didn't check and didn't know that he had an expired visa! LOL! You'd expect to be a bit thorough when it comes to traveling but apparently it slipped his mind! XD

So poor guys, after an hour drive to reach the border, couldn't make it to Miri for the trip to pay their respects. They had to turn back, stop by at KB for breakfast and come home to settle the journey another time. My dad in law said in amusement that it's prolly a sign telling them to never leave a woman behind when she has her mind made up to do something, lol, so most likely we might decide to go after Jr is born after all.

If that is not some kind of divine comedy intervention, I dunno what is XD