Friday, July 6, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Bridex Consumer Fair

My buddy and I went to another installment of the Consumer Fair for this mid-year, and this time it's held in the BRIDEX area in Jerudong Park near the Polo Court. It was a bit of a long drive, and we were hoping that it would be worth the trip this time, considering that it's the 10th Consumer Fair in Brunei.

Unfortunately it was a disappointing one. Instead of it being a sorta huge accommodating fair as it should be when they did it in ICC (since they had to do it there at BRIDEX because ICC is under renovation for some sort of ASEAN conference/convention or something), it was kinda cramped, with no distinction between the commercial and services stalls and the food stalls, and there is very little food-tasting, which I was counting on for the Consumer Fair since I could settle my lunch there like the past few Consumer Fairs I've been, but I actually had to settle my lunch at the actual food cafeterias there and spend MONEY there. Which is sad, considering it shows how little the food stalls are.

And there were no activity booths and stuff like they used to have in ICC, or nice exhibits and stuff, only to be replaced with some exhibit of used cars for sale. Other than that, there's nothing impressive about the fair this time around. Which is so sad. This is their 10th fair, they should make it even more impressive, like doing it in Empire or something, even though there is no room in ICC.

These are the only things I think I'd like to share and are the nicer parts of the fair. If you wanna see more, you can go here

P/S: Had to share this little fact: Passed by a wedding studio booth while browsing around and got those dreaded "shiny-eyed look of a prospective target" from the pesky wedding studio salesman. Tricked him and told him that me and my buddy are siblings.

His reaction: priceless XD