Sunday, June 3, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Updates on Jr So Far

Ugh, internet's been really crappy lately. Barely even managed to get a secure line without it suddenly flaking out for no particular reason, so pardon me for those who haven't seen me online in like forever.

Anyways, like my previous posts, I've registered officially to the government clinic, so it's free maternity healthcare all trimester round, since my hubby is local, which makes me entitled to it. Went for my official government clinic appointment, and were surprisingly lucky to be the next in line (one person before me) when we got in.

Did the self-urine test and weight, and I seemed to have gained 0.7kg since the last time I weighed myself (my previous weight: 68.7kg; current weight: 69.2kg), which was pretty good, I guess. A little weight would prolly be a bit of good news to show that Jr is growing well.

I noticed though, a few days before the appointment day that I was starting to leak bits of fluid on my pants. I was a little worried, because it was not white discharge like it's supposed to be, but it smelled like urine, though I couldn't be 100% sure since I go to the bathroom too. It occurs everytime I sit down and when I try to adjust myself, which makes me doing my drawings at the table really hard, and drove me to worry that I might be leaking amniotic fluid.

After the blood pressure, weight and urine test, I voiced my concern when it came for my turn for the checkup. I brought along my latest ultrasound from the clinic for their records, and after asking me some standard questions, they told me to lie on examination recliner so that they can check and see what was going on. Jr's heart-rate was fine, but I find it funny that the doctor in charge (who's an Indian lady by the way) wasn't able to find it with the heart-rate ultrasound device, but her assisting nurse was able to find it within minutes XD Guess Jr is playing hide-and-seek with the doc or just likes the nurse better, LOL!

The docs said she noticed quite an amount of discharge within my vagina, but I claimed that I don't have any discomforts or itching. She decided to take a culture sample just in case and said that the "leaking" maybe due to my weak bladder no thanks to Jr putting pressure on it or it could be the discharge itself. She kept telling me to calm down and relax when she inserted the vagina swab and clamp in me. I was relaxed, I have no problem of her inserting it in me, but it was just a little cold that I flinched a little and she thought I was tensing up and scared of it. Silly doctor. Don't get YOUR panties in a bunch, I'm fine

She will let me know once the culture results are confirmed, and has scheduled an ultrasound for tomorrow afternoon for me. So let's see how well can a government clinic ultrasound device work vs the private clinic version, and hopefully another clean bill of health for Jr.