Thursday, May 10, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Pregnancy Woes

Been having this nagging feeling all day these few days.

I'm starting to have a noticeable show on my belly right now as Jr progresses. In fact, I was actually bigger after my long trip to Singapore now that I'm starting to go down to my 5th month.

Problem is my weight had not gone anywhere higher.

It had remained the same weight (fluctuating between 68 to 70kg) since the last time I weighed myself.

My hubby tried to rationalize that it's because Jr is absorbing all the weight and I couldn't gain as quickly as my body could catch up with, but that would be impossible because if Jr is gaining weight, it would reflect on me because I'M carrying their weight around. And I know I gain weight very easily and I don't really exercise much other than sitting my ass down all day doing table-related things.

My mom in law gave her usual negative scare tactic that Jr must be sleeping most of the time and not active enough to absorb the food I've been eating, and that I should exercise or walk around more to 'wake' Jr up to eat. When I told her that Jr was still growing though and that I've been eating normally as I always do and even if Jr doesn't gain weight, I should be gaining weight, she still thinks it's my problem.

Gee, let all the moms suffer the wrath of the inadequacies of your babies, why don't you?

My sis in law is prolly (surprisingly) the least judgmental as while she does see a bit of a problem there, she didn't straightaway latch on the "Oh, then it's YOUR FUCKING FAULT" blame game, rather she told me that either the weighing machine has a problem or Jr might, and that I should raise the concern to my doc.

I just really, really hope that there's nothing wrong with Jr, and that it's prolly something normal for first-time moms or something, and that Jr is growing OK and healthy. That's all I care about right now