Saturday, May 5, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

My Mini Honeymoon: Part 6

My hubby's relative have been dying to bring us to go see Marina Bay, for some reason, and we have to admit that we were a little curious of what the hype is all about.

It was a very pretty place, and the main area where the famous merlion statue stood, and we totally took a lot of nice pictures around the area here:

Then we had dinner at a nearby restaurant which we were treated with the wonderful symphony lights show across the lake. Again, though we were dining on seafood, I couldn't have crab due to Jr, and I had to watch jealously as other diners were happily dining wine and beer with their seafood while I had to settle with juice.

My hubby couldn't really enjoy his food since he didn't really have much of an appetite due to his diarrhea so the relatives decided to take him to the clinic to get him cured since he's been sick for more than a day and wouldn't want him to return to Brunei on a sour note. So after a few bit of trigger-happy photog moments (as shown below), we went to a 24-hour clinic located in a nearby suburban hospital.

At least for Singapore hospitals, the time to wait is not really that long, well, not as long as if you were to wait in a Brunei hospital, that is, especially when there have been news of death due to negligence in our local hospital alone (dunno if there was anything done to those stupid doctors or anyone being held responsible). The docs said that it's either a mild food poisoning or just gastric flu and issued him some meds. My hubby's relative was hoping for a jab to boost better cure, but it seems the doc doesn't see it to be that serious to warrant a jab. As she did for numerous gifts that she got for us (including lip gloss for my 2nd sis in law, a bag and a manicure set for my mom in law, XO liquor for my dad in law, a Flexi-Arch for Jr and other stuff), she paid for the doctor's expenses as well as waited with us to have my hubby treated.

Ahh~! Such generosity~! Their wealth really makes me weep for some reason... T_T

Hopefully my hubby would better the next day after taking the meds. Other than that stay tuned!