Saturday, May 5, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

My Mini Honeymoon: Part 5

Finally the day came for us to go to Universal Studios. My hubby was still a little under the weather but he seemed fit to go on for our trip, so after getting some meds for him, we made our way to Vivo City.

I remember making Cocoa, my teddy bear, here in a Build-A-Bear shop, and I plan to make a new sister for Cocoa after getting back from Universal Studios. So after having breakfast at their food court, we joined the line to the monorail to get to Sentosa Island where Universal is. There is actually a boardwalk that connects Harborfront to the island, but I'd rather save my walking energy for the Universal trip itself.

After joining a slightly long line and cramming through the monorail, we finally got there, greeted with the super amazing sights of the place. Was tempted to go the casino but decided to set it aside for later after the trip.

There are a gajillion pics that I've taken and I'm too lazy to post and arrange them (and explain them) all here. So I'm going to post some of my fav few, then if you would like to see more pics, you can go to my Facebook gallery to check it out.



Far, Far Away

The Lost World

Ancient Egypt

Sci-Fi City

New York

Too bad I couldn't take rides due to Jr, but at least I managed to ride the carousel in Madagascar and enjoy the 4D Shrek show (taking stationary seats, of course) at Far, Far Away. I am so coming back here to get on the rides with a vengeance.

My hubby started not feeling so well once we were in The Lost World, mostly due to his diarrhea acting up, so we had to cut our visit short and forgone the casino, though we totally think the next time we come here, we're gonna stay in their in-house hotel to avoid the hassle of travel to and fro to our hotel.

We managed to find the shop in which finally I got to build my new bear, in which I named her Mocha. There was a group of girls being led by the store to their own bears, most likely a member group thing. It costs pretty much the same as we paid for Cocoa, and I'm totally psyched about introducing him to his new sister Mocha.

By the time we got back to the hotel, my legs were so tired I almost couldn't walk or get up. Didn't even realize it till I actually sat down to rest and relax. Gonna have another dinner date soon with my hubby's relative, so continue to stay tuned