Friday, May 4, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

My Mini Honeymoon: Part 4

After managing to catch a small forty winks, my hubby and I made our way for dinner date, which you can read it here, and we made small talk as we ate, catching up on things. I'm glad that my nightmarish morning sickness was over, since this was a buffet and I could finally enjoy all the tastes without worrying that I would throw up any second. Too bad my hubby wasn't able to enjoy it too much, since he wasn't really feeling very well.

The worst part was that there so many awesome and delicious sushi and raw oysters and yummy crab that I would just LOVE to crunch and sink my teeth into the shell to get to the juicy flesh, as well as the huge crawfish, and I couldn't get to them coz I'm pregnant! Gah!

A shot of us at our dinner spot

After dinner, my hubby's relative offered to bring us to the high-end branded boutique that she worked in to get my mom in law's lipstick and since she worked there, she could get a staff discount of 25%. We couldn't find the exact lipstick my mom in law wanted, but we got her something similar, based on my memory of how the color of the lipstick looked like. When I was about to pay for it, she had already beat me to the punch and paid for me.

Not only that, as we toured the boutique with her as our guide, she seemed to be intent to get me something. I casually commented on a T-shirt dress in a Ralph Lauren boutique store, and she immediately called for the sales assistant to find a size for me to try it on. When she found out I liked pink, she seemed intent to get me a pink handbag, which to be honest, I wasn't too keen coz the color was a little too bright for my taste.

After much deliberation and urging, and for me to just make her happy, I agreed to accept a gift from her, and ended up getting me the most expensive one, which is a new pure silver necklace with a heart and key pendant on it. So expensive~! I felt so shy to accept it, but I had to as she said this would be my Christmas/baby shower present. Not only she treated us for dinner, she even got us a present. Even though it was at a staff discount, it was still quite expensive~!

It was quite pretty though.

And at least our gift wasn't as much as the one we saw on one of the shoppers who seemed to be Korean prolly who had a HUGE ASS shopping bag filled with smaller bags of all those designer items sold in that boutique, as well as two Korean girls who were also carrying a big number of shopping bags from the boutique mall. Must be super cheap for them to get such big amount of it.

The lipstick for my mom in law

The necklace gift from my hubby's relative

My hubby was still a little under the weather, so we cut our shopping short and were sent back to our hotel. Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow for our trip to Universal Studio, so stay tuned!