Friday, May 4, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

My Mini Honeymoon: Part 3

Today I had to shop on all my lonesome, coz my hubby had to go for his training. My poor hubby woke up with a minor food poisoning of sorts coz his pure-bred Bruneian stomach kinda unable to handle street food for our last night's dinner. I, on the other hand, seemed to turn out perfectly fine, though a little exhausted coz the paper-thin walls and the fact that our room was facing a busy street of sorts. After a bit of hesitation and taking some meds, he dropped me off at Bugis, had a light lunch with me, and I saw him off before I was left behind to fend for myself.

The basement food court where I had my light lunch with my hubby, that leads towards the MRT station

First thing I did was take in the full sights, which included a number of pics taken around the area. I've always actually wondered what the heck Bugis was, since I've learnt about them in History class, but never really got around to figure out whether they're an indigenous race or a group of people from a new country altogether.

Here are some shots that I've taken:

Later on, after window-shopping for a little bit and checking out the sights (and also checking their game arcade, though unfortunately I can't play the dancing machine due to Jr), I made my way to my personal destination and my all-time haven: Books Kinokuniya!

I was probably in there for a couple of hours (coming out for a bathroom break in which I finally got the coin pouch I've been looking for forever), browsing through dozens upon dozens of books and novels and graphic novels and manga-s I could get my eyes on. There were Fables and Jack of Fables that I'm subscribing the e-books and currently reading, sorta, and even saw V for Vendetta that I've already read the PDF version of. I finally caught sight of the newest book of Skullduggery Pleasant, and even scanned through the famed fanfic-turned-best seller Fifty Shades of Grey, which from the preview summary alone at the back of the book was totally tell-tale signs of Twilight plot line, LOL!

When I made my way to the manga and comic section, as I have pretty much expected, there were no yaoi manga-s available due to Singapore censorship, except the Chinese-translated shounen-ai manga series Loveless, though I wasn't really interested in getting it since I already have the anime series and I'm satisfied with that. But I did find a super interesting manga series that featured Jesus and Buddha as young adult buddies and roomies. I was like "OMG! What blasphemy is this?! LOL!" I wasn't offended by that, actually. I was actually quite intrigued by it and was tempted to buy, but it wasn't a one-shot series and I prolly won't have a chance to really actually follow up with the storyline anyways (it's a running series with currently at Vol 7), so I forgone that series to set it aside prolly for another day where I can actually have the cash to buy it in full. Besides, I didn't want to overspend, since my money is kinda limited and I have to keep most of it for my trip to Universal Studios tomorrow.

After much deliberating and scanning and searching, I finally decided to get Skullduggery Pleasant and 2 Chinese manga, one that looks most possibly yaoi or even shounen-ai-ish. After paying for my books, I made my way to my next destination, which is Absolute Comics.

There, the shop was filled with graphic novels and magazine comics of the Western kind, with another section with translated comics from Tokyopop and prolly other manga translation companies. I stumbled upon one of the shelves where they sell 16 to 18-above rated comics, so I decided to just pluck one of them down and take a look. To my utmost surprise, it was yaoi! One whole particular shelf filled with yaoi goodness! Just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, I scanned and saw familiar titles like Kizuna, Junjou Romantica and Future Lovers, some of the manga that are licensed to scan.

The only downside wuss that they were all so goddamn pricey: each cost about $25++, dammit! There was even a few that costs $40! Shiiiiiiiitttttt~~!!!

I was planning to buy an Archie graphic novel about Archie taking either Betty or Veronica as his wife (always wanted to get that, now that it's finally in graphic novel version), and it was also about $30, so I could only buy one yaoi manga, because if I get 2 and the Archie comic, I'll be too broke for Universal Studios, and it was a super hard decision for me to make a choice of what yaoi manga I should pick. One thing's for sure, this place is going to be my No. #1 place to stop by to get my yaoi fix the next time I come to Singapore.

Toured around some more to find a computer shop and/or audiophile shop to get both my card reader and my buddy's ear plugs, but too bad, no such luck. Bought myself some snacks to satisfy my snackage and to feed Jr (coz we only had soup as light lunch), and found a spot for me to just sit down and rest my feet, but ultimately I just feel like lying down and prop my feet to relax before our dinner date with one of my hubby's Singaporean relatives, also hoping that my hubby has felt better after buying some meds for his ill health.

Random shots while I waited for my hubby

Finally, after a bit of a wait (and resisting nodding off), watching a tourist's kid enjoying getting super wet at the synchronized water fountain with her dad's permission (shown in picture above; almost like only they have the right to be oblivious and having fun and escape with the "Imma tourist" excuse), and saw an old man stumbled on his walker and slipped down a (thankfully) short flight of stairs and getting a view of Singaporean helping hands, my hubby has come to fetch me, surviving his training and we finally went back to our "Home Sweet Home" hotel.

Stuff that I bought at the end of the day

Stay tuned for more updates!