Thursday, May 3, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

My Mini Honeymoon: Part 2

After my nice well-earned nap, we decided to stretch our legs a little to kill time before we have our dinner with my hubby's boss/cousin. We decided to go to Bugis where my hubby would drop me off while he goes off for his training tomorrow.

Went a little trigger-happy while we were touring around the area:

A hawker eatery row of stalls just right in front of our hotel entrance, pretty convenient if we have the munchies

Sights of Chinatown, that while it looks modern due the colour and the coat of paint, still maintains the old school structure of a real Chinatown, like you have traveled into a dimension where both timeline are as one

A memorabilia shop that specialized in selling Tin Tin merchandise, which is pretty amazing, but also super pricey since it's actually vintage items. They also have a bar outside the shop that opens in the evening that serves vintage European beers, though sadly I couldn't drink it coz of Jr, prolly also their way of paying the rent to keep this shop standing. Cameras are not allowed inside the shop, so we'll have to settle with taking pics outside of it

More trigger-happy moments

A synchronized water fountain that squirts different forms of fountain water formation every 20 seconds, right in Bugis Junction.

Not much more to talk about yet, since I'm going to visit this place again, other than the fact that I've found my utmost heaven (which I will blog about it in the next entry), so yeah, look forward to the next entry. I took a short video of the synchronized water fountain which is posted here in my vlog.

Watch out for my next entry!