Thursday, May 3, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

My Mini Honeymoon: Part 1

I'm currently in Singapore right now, typing on my iPad (though technically this is in draft mode until I can get my pictures in) while I'm relaxing in my hotel room. Actually I'm tagging along with my hubby for his company training trip coz I'd like to do a bit of traveling before I get too big to travel and risking mine and Jr's health. So you can more or less call this a mini honeymoon to compensate.

Had to wake up super early to get to the airport, since we have to be there 2 hours before our flight. I couldn't really sleep the night before, either possibly out of excitement or due to my body clock no thanks to Jr. Thankfully we already packed everything we needed the night before and there were no big fuss about leaving home. We were going with my hubby's boss/cousin and my hubby's old buddy who's running a branch company of my hubby's boss/cousin.

Felt a little sick from not used to having early morning breakfast and threw up in the airport bathroom, but other than that, there's no complication or fuss during the fight. I managed to catch some shut-eye while we were in the flight, though a little bit interrupted here and there due to the air pressure and the popping in my ears that I had to clear. Our in-flight meal (it's a 2-hour flight) was pretty satisfying. Well, mine at least, though I totally forgotten to take a picture of it, dammit.

There were two kinds of meals in the menu: chicken tandoori or cheese omelette. My hubby ordered the former and I chose the latter, and it turned out that my choice was the better one, as his meal was a little bland, while mine was pretty packed with flavor. He finished his food and coz I took pity of him, I let him have half of what I was eating, though not knowing that usually in-flight meals have extra backup meals for passengers. Though I kinda paid the price a little by getting hungry later on.

2 hours later, we reached our destination and met with our designated driver to get to our hotel. Here's some pics of the hotel we're staying in:

Le entrance

Le reception and its receptionist

Le decors and facilities

Le lounge and corridor to our room

Our room, which is Warrior class, whatever that means. XD Well, at least we're not Scholar class like downstairs

Le luggage dump area of our room

Le multi-controls (which isn't really exactly multi per se)

Le shelf and its contents (it's a hotel superstition to open all wardrobes when you first come into your room, something to do with releasing the chi or something)

What's pretty much of our room. Kinda small and cramped, and provided with just enough service to get us by, like a low-budget hotel in Japan or something

Our bed, which is just nice, though I brought my bolster along for preggers reasons

Le bathroom and its facilities. Again, super small and cramped, with just enough facilities and services provided

Gonna go take a nap now. Be sure to keep on staying tuned!