Sunday, May 6, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

My Mini Honeymoon: Finale

The last day of my mini honeymoon was pretty much not so eventful. It's the usual last minute shopping and stuff, but first we had to go visit another Singapore relative of ours to hand them their shrimp crackers gift that my mom in law requested us to help pass to them. So at the same time, we decided to have lunch with them.

Technically, we wanted to go have lunch at the so-called Singapore's best chicken rice spot, which is in a food court just near our hotel area, but unfortunately it was a super long line for both Tien Tien and Ah Thai (they're rivals due to the former head chef having a falling out with the Tien Tien boss and quit and started his own business just right next to it out of spite and competition) that we decided to try dim sum instead. But sadly we made a mistake of not getting there early and well...this is the result:

Yup, super long line till we'd prolly had to wait FOREVER to get a seat, since business here is huge and people often go there in big groups and the workers there have no right to chase them out. So we ducked ship and decided to have bah ku teh instead at a nearby kopitiam in Tiong Bahru, nearby our Chinatown area too.

After lunch and small talk, and some gift exchanges in between, we decided to start our day with going to Funan, one of the digital malls in Singapore, coz I was tasked to get industrial earplugs for my buddy and my hubby needed to get some stuff for both his bro in law, the office as well as our BFF/cousin. Took a random shot here coz of the interesting colour scheme of the windows, as well as some other random shots.

We shopped at Funan for a while, and found what I needed, but sadly not really what my hubby needed, so we decided to see if the big shot digital mall Sim Lim would have what he needed, so I relented to get my buddy's earplugs there too, assuming that since they're the main digital mall, they would have everything there.

While we window-shopped for a while before going to Sim Lim, I caught sight of something super-interesting: a maid cafe! Seriously, a MAID CAFE!!

It's called Cawaii Kohii Coffee Dessert Lounge, and it had all the makings of an awesome real-life maid cafe. Dammit, I know I might sound like a perverted otaku right now, but seriously, I've always wanted to see a real-life maid cafe, and there it was, right there within Singapore! I HAD to get a shot of this! But unfortunately there were no cameras allowed inside the cafe, not even when you're a customer, so I just have to settle for taking pictures outside and try to get the best shot of the maids, which were REALLY dressed like maids, FTW!

Couldn't go in and have coffee in there as a customer, but this place will be my new target to go to the next time I stop by at Singapore.

Then we went to Sim Lim, got the brochures he needed to get for his bro in law and found the item our BFF needed, but not the exact model or make and the price was a little too much for his taste, so that was cancelled. We scoured everywhere but never got to find what my buddy wanted, and I was also trying to look for a better card reader, the same kind that our BFF had but I never got even though I went to the same place he bought it, and my feet were starting to kill me even though I want to walk some more and try my luck at other places in Sim Lim. Most likely coz I'm supporting Jr's weight as well while I'm walking, because usually I'm not that easily tired.

So in the end we decided to return to Funan again to get both the earplugs, and luckily managed to find the perfect exact card reader that I wanted. I felt bad for my hubby for not getting what he needed or wanted, but he said it was OK, and at least his health was much better than before.

Our generous relative came to pick us up to take us to the airport, and took us to tour Marina Bay again to let us have a glimpse of it in the daytime, and coincidentally there happens to be a dragon boat competition going on, so I managed to take a few shots as well as the scenery:

After the tour around, we were taken to the airport, wishing farewell to each other and promising to return and meet up again next time. The usual standard issue of registering and checking in, then getting some souvenirs for the guys back home, which include chocolates for my hubby's colleague and an odd request of getting cakes for my hubby's boss/cousin's wife, as well as some gifts from us to the kids at home. My legs were again killing me, somehow getting more tired than usual, and manage to run in with my hubby's other colleague who was going back on the same flight as we are and window-shopped around before flying off.

While the guys took a bathroom break and I was waiting for them, took some random shots:

Boarded the plane safely, though I actually slipped and fell, though luckily I landed on my knees and hands and not on my stomach where I would've hurt Jr, and while flying, I actually realized that Jr had grown a fair amount size since the day we left for Singapore. It wasn't that huge before, but now it looked like just swallowed half a watermelon or something! Wow, was Singapore food that nourishing?

My dad in law came to pick us up after we checked out, and we got home roughly almost midnight. Home sweet home~! Though I wished we could've stayed in Singapore longer, but still, there's always next time.

That's all for my trip so far in Singapore. Hopefully the next time I go there, I will have even more amazing tales for you guys!