Thursday, May 17, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

It's A Girl~!

Went for my latest checkup last night as per my appointment, and finally managed to get certain unanswered questions about Jr, as well as finding Jr's gender.

The usual standard procedure of weight, urine and blood pressure test applied, and the docs did notice the static unchanged weight of mine. My last appointment showed that I was 68.5kg, and it hasn't changed yet, even though Jr has been growing. I asked that question about my weight despite the growth of Jr, and the doc said that overall I have to gain weight too, not just the baby, since the baby relies on the nutrients that comes from me. While I'm in my 2nd trimester, I should at least gain 1-1.5kg per month, and in my 3rd and last trimester, I should have at least 2-2.5kg weight gain per month.

Problem is if that's the case, then I'm not exactly putting on weight fast enough to catch up with Jr's appetite or something. Some of my chat friends tell me that they've known people who don't gain much weight yet they have a perfectly healthy baby, so I dunno how that would apply to me since the metabolisme of Asians and Westerns are slightly different.

Then came the ultrasound, where we get to see Jr again in bigger size. Jr has grown pretty big now, and is really curled up in a nice position, but mostly leaning towards the left. The placenta was apparently towards my right side of the uterus (and it's HUGE) but not resting on top of the uterus like it's supposed to. The docs said that while it's not uncommon on early stages, it's also not very preferable as it would obstruct the birth because standard safe birth is that the baby must come out first before the placenta. If the placenta hasn't moved up by the later stages of my pregnancy, there is a chance I might have to go under the knife, so to speak.

I don't want that to happen. I've heard from my BFF's wife that she couldn't produce milk well enough because she had surgery instead of natural birth, which shows that natural birth actually triggers milk-production, and I totally have plans to have Jr being breastfed for the sake of Jr's health as well as saving money on baby formula, and I'm not about to have that plan being ruined by this.

Then came the answer to our question: whether Jr would be a girl or a boy. And it seems that Jr's body position is very cooperative in showing off the genitals because it turns out Jr is a girl! Haha, she was sleeping (with a slight occasional twitch when the ultrasound device moved her way) with her legs open and the docs see that her privates are flat, indicating that it's a girl. It's just a preliminary head-start though. The docs said that by the later stages, if she still don't see any balls, Jr is definitely confirmed a girl.

Still, just in case the machine read wrong, we're still gonna get neutral clothes anyways.

Below is the latest ultrasound pics we got of Jr (still calling her Jr just in case it's a boy and not a girl as predicted):

She's about 360g in weight (which, according to the 'Baby Bible', as I call the pregnancy guide book, pretty much a regular weight) and we dunno how big she is, since she's all curled up like that and we can't really see the measurement. She's kinda light, I must admit, but the docs said other than her light weight, she's actually growing pretty well and her vital signs are good. Didn't get the picture or sound of her heartbeat though. But anyways, docs gave her a clean bill of health, so yeah.

I broke the news to my in-laws, and while both of us do think the placenta position is a cause for concern, we'll just have to see Jr's development and hopefully it would push it upwards to where it's supposed to be. They tell me to do more walks and stuff, but how would they know if it would make the placenta move upwards? If I keep doing so much walks, wouldn't gravity drive the placenta even lower?

As for the weight, my in-laws think that I should eat more and gain weight now, since the docs say so, and they tell me that if the placenta is huge and yet Jr is small, then Jr is not absorbing the needed nutrients and that I should do something about it. Which is kinda hypocritical, coz first they tell me to watch my weight and not gain for the sake of Jr's health, now they're telling me to gain weight for the sake of Jr's health, whereas the Baby Bible said the estimated average weight of my baby is roughly 340g during the 20th week and above period.

WTF? Now who the hell should I listen to? The docs, the book or my in-laws? What the hell do they want me to do exactly? First they tell me not to be fat, now they tell me not to be thin. What the hell is wrong with their conflicting advices? I bet again it's all about the stupid "Anything wrong with the baby is the mom's fault" regime again. Goddammit!

That's it. No more. I'm gonna do whatever I want and whatever I think is right, and I'm gonna prolly follow the doc's advice with a grain of salt and consult the Baby Bible from now on. No more stupid conflicting in-law superstitious nonsense advices.