Monday, May 21, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Fiesty Little Bugger

It seems that Jr has started to make full use of her limbs and all.

As I have mentioned in the previous entry, Jr has been found to be a girl, but of course, it's just the first scan. If by 6th or 7th month, the doc doesn't see a dick, it'll be confirmed, but we're keeping our options open just in case.

My maid said not to trust the scans too much anyways, coz she had 4 ultrasounds during the course of her pregnancy telling her that her baby is a girl, but when delivery time, the baby turned out to be a boy. LOL!

I'm like TOTALLY neglecting my drawings these days. I've finished drawing my La Nouche comics as per my list of things to draw in my idea book, but still haven't gotten round to inking them, and I'm trying to finish at least one chappie of my Sidek Bros doujin but I keep procrastinating. Jr has really occupied my days and mind these days...

By the way, I've registered to the government clinic so that I'll be eligible to give birth in the hospital. It's a standard procedure thing so that when it's time for delivery, no need the fuss of all the paperwork, but that means from now on, I am to take my appointments to the government clinic and I can't go to private clinics anymore

But I'm still gonna go for private clinic though, as a 2nd opinion, not that I'm telling them! LOL! But maybe then I don't need to go to private clinic so often, coz it'll save me money. Government clinics and hospital treatments are free if you're a local or if you're husband's local, so yeah, I get free medical treatment coz my hubby is local.

Woke up super early today to get my blood and urine test for the government clinic records, as per insisted by my mom in law so that there would not be a long line, but turns out the line was almost non-existent to begin with. And they move pretty fast. I didn't even have to wait for more than an hour because there was only 2 people before me and things were done pretty quick. I did see a mother before me who had to take a glucose drink to test her blood sugar level or something and the amount of glucose vs water was like 1:2! Seriously! One-third of glucose powder and two-thirds of water. That is just super sweet! If you weren't diabetic, THAT is gonna make you super diabetic.

A lot of blood was taken though: they used 3 different-sized test tubes to collect my blood, each one for a different sort of test purpose. The urine test had to be done at home beforehand as they got me a urine container when I registered, and was a little gross for me to try and aim since it's small and not like the kind that I usually use in the private clinic (a plastic cup), but I somehow managed. Right now there's a slight bruise on my arm where they took my blood, but no big deal. I've donated blood before, so it's no different than that.

Yeah, it is a lot of drama, it's my first kid after all.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. You'll be the first to know that Jr has her first kick 2 days ago. She's super fiesty. She can even complain. There was once when I slept sideways on my left and she kicked the hell outta me, so I turned right and she calmed down, LOL, so cute.

We've sorta decided on names. We're keeping our options open, just in case the machine and the docs are wrong about the gender. We're naming Jr Garrus (if boy) and Liara (if girl). They're our fav charas in our fav game Mass Effect.

Yeah, so much for having gamer parents. XD Anyhow, unless you're an avid gamer, no one would know from whom we named our kids anyways.

We're also trying to decide on the Chinese name. Since we're chinese, our kid must have both English and Chinese name. Thinking of giving the boy the Chinese name 'dragon' and the girl the Chinese name 'Phoenix'.

Well, it's pretty fitting, considering that this is the year of the dragon, and the equivalent counterpart of the dragon is the phoenix.

Right now, trying to cope with Jr's fiestiness and actually starting to play some classical/instrumental music for her, and the only instrumental songs I have would be Final Fantasy songs that are in my iPad. Well, she seems to like it, so better than nothing!