Monday, April 30, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Mood Swings Totally Sucks Eggs

I kinda had a mood swing moment these few days.

Hormones are really getting into me. I seem to get upset over the smallest things these days. I didn't think I was in the right state of mind to go online sometimes until I've calmed down or I might end up yelling at my chat friends for no particular reason.

I suddenly get upset over the littlest things that I usually don't get upset so quickly about. My inhuman patience that I take a lot of pride in has been compromised!

Well, these days the littlest things set me off.

My mom in law made me cry coz I can't drink soft drinks anymore due the caffeine and sugar content.

My hubby made me cry coz I'm tagging along on his company training trip to Singapore this Thursday and we planned to stop by at Universal Studios but he found out I couldn't take the rides there coz of my condition.

Goddammit, I love Jr, but this is ridiculous!! DX

I didn't know I had to give up so many things for the sake of Jr, yet if I don't do it, I'm scared that I might end up screwing up my first child.

~sigh~ Neways, at least my hubby promises that we'll go Singapore again and I can wallop all the rides I want in Universal Studios. That is SO going to my to-do list along with scarfing down sushi and boozing after Jr's born.

Of course I wouldn't do it right away, coz I got Jr to think about, as well as me planning to breastfeed Jr to save money and for the sake of Jr's health.

Oi vey...I hope it's worth it...