Thursday, April 19, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Little Jr's Latest Ultrasound Pic

Totally forgot to show you guys my last ultrasound appointment pic of Jr. This is Jr right now in their 12th week. I know, a little overdue, but I'll prolly only get a new updated ultrasound on my next appointment, in which by then the docs would be able to guess-timate Jr's gender (though I'm still getting neutral clothes just in case).

Jr's size (5.39cm at 12 weeks) and his heartbeat of 171bpm

Jr's head size at 2.05cm bpd (no idea what that stands for)

My most recent check-up showed that Jr has pretty much grown to about just resting right below my belly button, and is roughly 16-18 weeks, sorta. Totally looking forward to the next appointment to find out the gender, so we would have a small heads-up on names and clothes, but like I said, clothes will still be neutral, just in case the docs got it wrong.