Tuesday, February 21, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Morning Sickness Bites

Ugh...I'm now into the 8th week (coming to 9) of my pregnancy and no one, definitely NO ONE, told me this part of the first trimester is frickin' HARD~!

Yup, that's right. I'm suffering from the dreaded morning sickness.

It was manageable more or less in the beginning, but as the time progresses on, more and more food started to be rejected from my stomach. Half of what I eat has been regurgitated out and I can tell you straight: puking out half-digested food is no funny business.

At first, digestable foods like bread and noodles were fine. It stayed in my gut and if I eat anything solid than that, like rice or what have you, off to the toilet I go.

Now, even noodles don't work anymore. Even things like cereal also doesn't work anymore! It's like the food I eat just sits there in my stomach being churned and half-digested and doesn't get absorbed. It just sitting there waiting to be expelled outta my gut. In fact, no matter how little I ate, it just gets flushed right out. I've been avoiding eating rice right now and been nibbling on veggies and a bit of meat or whatever it is that's served on the table during meals, but I end up vomiting them out right back up again.

I even ended up vomiting out the entire bowl of dry cereal my hubby tried to make me eat even though it was recommended that it's best for my diet to control morning sickness!

I think I pretty much lost quite a number of weight right now and I am terrified of eating, save maybe some crackers and a sip of juice from time to time. I researched online that it's supposed to go away once I reached past 13 weeks of pregnancy, but if it still persist, I may be experiencing a term (I dunno the scientific name) called "excessive vomiting during pregnancy" and I might end up in the hospital doing IV.

Crap, let's just hope I don't get to that...

But seriously, this really bites...


Mel Celestial said...

Hope things are progressing okay with you :) You should be stepping into your second trimester, if not already. By then, things should be better and food would be most welcome! If all else fails, dry food, like biscuits, are always a comfort to have within reach to keep the hunger and nausea away.

Keep in mind though, that almost all of your senses are still hyper-sensitive (especially the olfactory system). Best to stay away from food joints or food that have a very powerful smell (except if it is medicine) or the nausea might rear its ugly head again.