Tuesday, January 31, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

It's Official...!

I'm...quite in shock right now.

Umm...well...I sorta did a test this morning...and umm...well...it came out...positive...?

LOL, though my chat friends were more shocked than I am. When I broke the news, one just went "asdfghjklasdfghjkl", one cried happy tears, while others were pretty much genuinely happy and ecstatic.

Well, I realized I was late, and my nipples had been quite tender lately, but testing it never really crossed my mind, thinking it may be my hormones again and I'd like to see if it would come the next month.

Then this morning they woke me up with the call, telling me with a thick Chinese accent saying, "Aiya, girls nowadays like to drink cold, make their uterus weak, your dad is worried, so we're sending u the herbs, blablabla..." My dad prolly didn't think that this was a good conversation between a father and a daughter, so he had his gf called on his behalf, saying that they wanna send me some chinese herbal meds for me to drink to help strengthen my uterus and stuff coz my dad was worried about why I'm not pregnant yet after being married for a year (good god, what does he want? Me to be pregnant the very next day of marriage?), maybe my uterus not strong.

I sorta end the call with "Good God~ You guys are impossible~" then I was reminded about my late period and my nipples being erect and tender lately, so I test for kicks.

I wasn't too hopeful at first. I was thinking like, "Ah, it's gonna come out negative again, it's gonna be another one of those hormones problem again, it would work coz I have gotten negatives before, but when 2 lines came out instead of 1, I was like "O_O Shit~"

Not the bad "Oh shit, I'm pregnant, nuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~!!!!!!" But more like "Woah, shit...I'm pregnant...? Wow..." It was quite unexpected

I called my hubby on the phone to tell him the news, and, well, at least he didn't faint, but he is quite happy. He was gonna take me to see the docs later aftr his work, just to be sure. Of course i'm happy, but mostly shocked. I'm not sure wat to react, actually. But I wanted to be sure, so I'm gonna wait for my hubby to take me to the doctor.

I could drive myself, but I don't have a car (well, technically I do, but the car's road tax and insurance was not done), and I wanted my hubby with me to share the good news.

When we went to the docs and told her my predicament, I was again asked to do the urine pregnancy test which I've already done in the day time, which I questioned whether it would be really accurate or not since I came here to get a 2nd, more thorough opinion. When she tested it and it came out positive (to my relief, since I thought that the morning one was a fluke) again, I was totally psyched (sorta) and my hubby had a sorta dazed look on his face, prolly thinking about what new responsibilities and things he needs to get for little Jr. He looks so cute being so listless like that somehow.

The doc told us that she can't test any more detailed than this unless she can really see an actual growth, so she issued me some supplements of Vitamin B, Vitamin C and folic acid for the baby and told us to come back in 2 weeks time so that she can give me an ultrasound to see if there was an official embryo growth in my womb. So on 14th Feb (our appointment on Valentine's Day, no doubt), I have to go back to the clinic to get the Fully Monty, so to speak.

When I told my dad the good news after the doctor's visit, he sounds like he's not gonna be sleeping tonight due to excitement. I'm imagining my dad right now wide awake with his eyes O_O like this and a stupid grin on his face and can't sleep all night, thinking "Imma grandpa, Imma grandpa, Imma grandpa" LOL

He was like "OMG, for real? How are you sure? Who's the doc? Is it a lady doc? How old is she? Is she qualified? Which hospital did you go? A clinic? Why a clinic? How can she read your ultrasound, you're not even showing! Are you sure she's good? bla bla bla" and I got so frustrated that I went "DAD! Calm your tits! I'm pregnant and I'm fine and I'm getting that ultrasound in 2 weeks! That's final!"

He definitely is excited alright.

I told his gf, she's happy for me, and I told my godmother and she seemed to guess it bulls eye before I could tell her. My buddies were happy for me (I told them beforehand when I did the self-test coz I was so shocked that I had to tell someone other than my hubby to pacify myself), saying that I'll have a dragon baby (this is year of dragon). My in-laws latched onto me and straightaway tells me the do-s n dont-s of pregnancy and we also told them to hold their tits till the ultrasound appointment.

Both my dad and my in-laws tell me I must avoid cold drinks and tea at all costs, but I don't really get the science behind it. They claim that cold drinks would freeze and weaken my uterus muscles, but the thing is my gut is warm enough with my body temperature to warm the drink once it hits, and besides the drink is in my gut, it's not spreading to my other parts of the body and still freezing.

I just don't see the science behind it. Call me too down-to-earth, but all mothercare books had not one evidence or advice saying that I should avoid cold drinks. And what if my craving demands for it? They can't stop me! If they start yelling at me for drinking cold stuff, I'll prolly go on mood swing mode n say "STFU! It's my craving! You can't stop me!! DX"

But then again, I'll just have to take it with a grain of salt. I guess I'll just cut dwn on it, but wont stop entirely. Maybe just a few sips once in a while.

Keeping my fingers crossed now for my upcoming ultrasound. Suddenly feels so long, and I wish it would hurry so that I can get it over with


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