Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

I Passed! I Passed!

Finally~! I have finally got my driving license~!

After hours upon hours of learning, I finally got the right to drive a car~!

It was quite the journey trying to learn how to drive a car. Technically I was supposed to start learning how to drive when I reached 18, but I was in a situation where I either don't have the time or don't have the money.

Finally after getting tired of getting weird looks from others who drove much earlier than I did and the disappointed judging faces I get from interviewers when in regards to whether I could drive that would really be an advantage for my work credentials, I finally took the leap to learn how to drive.

There is a myth amongst the genders that women tend to pass the law easier than the actual driving exam while the men vice versa. That did not apply to me. I failed the law exam the first time after taking the usual 10-hour class, and had to retake the test before I can learn the actual driving. I'm pretty much a disgrace to my gender, but then again, I'm not like other girls.

When I finally started learning to drive, the teacher was not exactly cracked up as I had hoped for. It was an old lady freelancing as a teacher after a sorta retirement age crisis. She smelled and sounded like my hubby's nanny, and she prefers to pay attention to her phone and book more than her teaching.

She doesn't really pay attention to where I go, she doesn't really give me directions as to where I'm supposed to go, and she never really gives a hoot about me learning the hill or the parking except asking me to just go round and round and round the compound with no head or tail and no direction, only taking me out twice on the road, and all the while she keeps criticizing me and brings me down, telling me that I would never make it for the exam at this rate.

After long months of her giving me flack, I couldn't take it anymore. After Christmas, I called the school and begged them to give me a new teacher, preferably a man who knows about cars and knows what he's doing. So they gave me a male teacher, and I gotta tell you, he was WAY better than my old teacher.

For starters, he actually explain things to me, telling me where and when to signal, how many rounds am I supposed to go around the roundabout, doing proper turns without hitting the curb, how to go on the hill and how to pay attention to the gear to get over the hill, how to park the car by judging the markers and the like.

More importantly, he does it systematically, telling me to follow the routes the exam would've done: the ABC route as he calls it. First the traffic light, turn to the hill, scale the hill, doing turns in curbs, going the S route, turn to the parking lot to do the parking, going round the roundabout and try to maneuver to do U-turns on both sides. Then finally go out into the road and go down the open road routes that are decided by the examinor.

He was very patient and teaches me carefully, step by step, and didn't mind me adding the hours to learn, he jokes and engage in small talk, and was systematic and consistent while being funny and sporting at the same time. He's half-Chinese from the mother's side, so he was actually quite in tune with me as a Chinese. He was slightly stricter when the exam date was near and we were doing a 2-hour revision, but all in all he was by far the best between those two teachers I had.

During the exam, I was in pin and needles and quite nervous as hell actually. I was more worried about the examinor I was going to get rather my actual skill itself, really. I was worried that I might get an uptight, silent and strict examinor who would go on a mark-slashing frenzy. But luckily I got a jolly-looking guy for an examinor. Maybe I should've dressed much better and sexier to give me leverage for my exam.

All in all, he was a very talkative guy, and very sporting. He engaged with small talk almost immediately and was very friendly, making me totally forget that it was an exam. I soon just went on almost naturally, doing what I was hard-wired and programmed to do almost every class. Like as if my brain was in auto-mode and programmed into habit and everything was already hard-wired.

When the examinor asked me which route my teacher usually takes me, I wasn't sure what to say coz it's mostly random, but my head was begging him not to give me the hardest outdoor route, and thankfully he didn't. And I was lucky too because there was a school car in front of me, so I just followed it around and did what it did. You can say it's cheating a little, but I needed all the luck I can get. I hit a few snags here and there, which were the once or twice engine-kill, but so far, that was the only marks I've lost.

So, I passed and was eligible for an official driving license, and coincidentally, I was asked to collect it on the weekend, which coincidentally was my birthday. So yay!! Best birthday present ever!!

Watch out, open road! Here comes BlackGargie!