Sunday, January 15, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Consumer Fair Returns Again

Finally posting something for the new year, and of course, the first thing I'd post is the Consumer Fair that has returned last few weeks ago.

It was the usual same old, same old, with our dinner settled in the fair from eating freebies on the try-out stands, another few more other business who tries to cash in for the fair (in which I was attacked by a zealous salesman who tries to sell me beauty cream), and this time having a children-themed for the fair. But the best part of the fair was surprisingly a cool reptile show.

I couldn't resist. I had to go check it out. Here are some trigger-happy shots I've taken while in there:

The display of the entire show, with a projector showing Animal Planet-esque show of snakes and handlers and snake documentaries

Daredevils taking the shots to hold onto huge-ass pythons and boa constrictors

Other snakes taking their naps in their cases, but mostly non-poisonous

When I say reptiles, that includes these creepy crawlers

A handler showing me how to handle the snake...

And I took over with ease

More lizards a-chillin'

A number more other reptiles in display, and from the colour, I'd assume that it's the poisonous kind

Apparently, they included bugs in the mix, and of all bugs, tarantulas were in the list. And I was like "Holy shit!" when the handler took it out.

I decided to be daring and tried my luck in holding the tarantula, and while slow movements assured the spider not to get startled and bite me, I was still apprehensive, and the handlers saying "I dunno, maybe" when I asked if it'll bite wasn't very reassuring. Once the bug was off, I was all goose-pimply

We got an 'angry bird' coming! Well, so says the handler. He's just so cute. I couldn't resist hold him X3

More lizard-loving lurv~!

More snakey shots, who seem to be pretty photogenic

Another snakey lurv

Moar snakey shots of the huge-ass ginormous kind

Another shot for the road, and that snake is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE~!!!

There you have it. Hopefully they come back again for the next consumer fair, coz it was a pretty cool experience. Too bad my buddy and his cousin who came along for the fair decide to forgo this


Amy the kitten said...

OMG A BLUE-TOUNGED SKINK!! OoO Just like mine!