Tuesday, January 31, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

It's Official...!

I'm...quite in shock right now.

Umm...well...I sorta did a test this morning...and umm...well...it came out...positive...?

LOL, though my chat friends were more shocked than I am. When I broke the news, one just went "asdfghjklasdfghjkl", one cried happy tears, while others were pretty much genuinely happy and ecstatic.

Well, I realized I was late, and my nipples had been quite tender lately, but testing it never really crossed my mind, thinking it may be my hormones again and I'd like to see if it would come the next month.

Then this morning they woke me up with the call, telling me with a thick Chinese accent saying, "Aiya, girls nowadays like to drink cold, make their uterus weak, your dad is worried, so we're sending u the herbs, blablabla..." My dad prolly didn't think that this was a good conversation between a father and a daughter, so he had his gf called on his behalf, saying that they wanna send me some chinese herbal meds for me to drink to help strengthen my uterus and stuff coz my dad was worried about why I'm not pregnant yet after being married for a year (good god, what does he want? Me to be pregnant the very next day of marriage?), maybe my uterus not strong.

I sorta end the call with "Good God~ You guys are impossible~" then I was reminded about my late period and my nipples being erect and tender lately, so I test for kicks.

I wasn't too hopeful at first. I was thinking like, "Ah, it's gonna come out negative again, it's gonna be another one of those hormones problem again, it would work coz I have gotten negatives before, but when 2 lines came out instead of 1, I was like "O_O Shit~"

Not the bad "Oh shit, I'm pregnant, nuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~!!!!!!" But more like "Woah, shit...I'm pregnant...? Wow..." It was quite unexpected

I called my hubby on the phone to tell him the news, and, well, at least he didn't faint, but he is quite happy. He was gonna take me to see the docs later aftr his work, just to be sure. Of course i'm happy, but mostly shocked. I'm not sure wat to react, actually. But I wanted to be sure, so I'm gonna wait for my hubby to take me to the doctor.

I could drive myself, but I don't have a car (well, technically I do, but the car's road tax and insurance was not done), and I wanted my hubby with me to share the good news.

When we went to the docs and told her my predicament, I was again asked to do the urine pregnancy test which I've already done in the day time, which I questioned whether it would be really accurate or not since I came here to get a 2nd, more thorough opinion. When she tested it and it came out positive (to my relief, since I thought that the morning one was a fluke) again, I was totally psyched (sorta) and my hubby had a sorta dazed look on his face, prolly thinking about what new responsibilities and things he needs to get for little Jr. He looks so cute being so listless like that somehow.

The doc told us that she can't test any more detailed than this unless she can really see an actual growth, so she issued me some supplements of Vitamin B, Vitamin C and folic acid for the baby and told us to come back in 2 weeks time so that she can give me an ultrasound to see if there was an official embryo growth in my womb. So on 14th Feb (our appointment on Valentine's Day, no doubt), I have to go back to the clinic to get the Fully Monty, so to speak.

When I told my dad the good news after the doctor's visit, he sounds like he's not gonna be sleeping tonight due to excitement. I'm imagining my dad right now wide awake with his eyes O_O like this and a stupid grin on his face and can't sleep all night, thinking "Imma grandpa, Imma grandpa, Imma grandpa" LOL

He was like "OMG, for real? How are you sure? Who's the doc? Is it a lady doc? How old is she? Is she qualified? Which hospital did you go? A clinic? Why a clinic? How can she read your ultrasound, you're not even showing! Are you sure she's good? bla bla bla" and I got so frustrated that I went "DAD! Calm your tits! I'm pregnant and I'm fine and I'm getting that ultrasound in 2 weeks! That's final!"

He definitely is excited alright.

I told his gf, she's happy for me, and I told my godmother and she seemed to guess it bulls eye before I could tell her. My buddies were happy for me (I told them beforehand when I did the self-test coz I was so shocked that I had to tell someone other than my hubby to pacify myself), saying that I'll have a dragon baby (this is year of dragon). My in-laws latched onto me and straightaway tells me the do-s n dont-s of pregnancy and we also told them to hold their tits till the ultrasound appointment.

Both my dad and my in-laws tell me I must avoid cold drinks and tea at all costs, but I don't really get the science behind it. They claim that cold drinks would freeze and weaken my uterus muscles, but the thing is my gut is warm enough with my body temperature to warm the drink once it hits, and besides the drink is in my gut, it's not spreading to my other parts of the body and still freezing.

I just don't see the science behind it. Call me too down-to-earth, but all mothercare books had not one evidence or advice saying that I should avoid cold drinks. And what if my craving demands for it? They can't stop me! If they start yelling at me for drinking cold stuff, I'll prolly go on mood swing mode n say "STFU! It's my craving! You can't stop me!! DX"

But then again, I'll just have to take it with a grain of salt. I guess I'll just cut dwn on it, but wont stop entirely. Maybe just a few sips once in a while.

Keeping my fingers crossed now for my upcoming ultrasound. Suddenly feels so long, and I wish it would hurry so that I can get it over with
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

I Passed! I Passed!

Finally~! I have finally got my driving license~!

After hours upon hours of learning, I finally got the right to drive a car~!

It was quite the journey trying to learn how to drive a car. Technically I was supposed to start learning how to drive when I reached 18, but I was in a situation where I either don't have the time or don't have the money.

Finally after getting tired of getting weird looks from others who drove much earlier than I did and the disappointed judging faces I get from interviewers when in regards to whether I could drive that would really be an advantage for my work credentials, I finally took the leap to learn how to drive.

There is a myth amongst the genders that women tend to pass the law easier than the actual driving exam while the men vice versa. That did not apply to me. I failed the law exam the first time after taking the usual 10-hour class, and had to retake the test before I can learn the actual driving. I'm pretty much a disgrace to my gender, but then again, I'm not like other girls.

When I finally started learning to drive, the teacher was not exactly cracked up as I had hoped for. It was an old lady freelancing as a teacher after a sorta retirement age crisis. She smelled and sounded like my hubby's nanny, and she prefers to pay attention to her phone and book more than her teaching.

She doesn't really pay attention to where I go, she doesn't really give me directions as to where I'm supposed to go, and she never really gives a hoot about me learning the hill or the parking except asking me to just go round and round and round the compound with no head or tail and no direction, only taking me out twice on the road, and all the while she keeps criticizing me and brings me down, telling me that I would never make it for the exam at this rate.

After long months of her giving me flack, I couldn't take it anymore. After Christmas, I called the school and begged them to give me a new teacher, preferably a man who knows about cars and knows what he's doing. So they gave me a male teacher, and I gotta tell you, he was WAY better than my old teacher.

For starters, he actually explain things to me, telling me where and when to signal, how many rounds am I supposed to go around the roundabout, doing proper turns without hitting the curb, how to go on the hill and how to pay attention to the gear to get over the hill, how to park the car by judging the markers and the like.

More importantly, he does it systematically, telling me to follow the routes the exam would've done: the ABC route as he calls it. First the traffic light, turn to the hill, scale the hill, doing turns in curbs, going the S route, turn to the parking lot to do the parking, going round the roundabout and try to maneuver to do U-turns on both sides. Then finally go out into the road and go down the open road routes that are decided by the examinor.

He was very patient and teaches me carefully, step by step, and didn't mind me adding the hours to learn, he jokes and engage in small talk, and was systematic and consistent while being funny and sporting at the same time. He's half-Chinese from the mother's side, so he was actually quite in tune with me as a Chinese. He was slightly stricter when the exam date was near and we were doing a 2-hour revision, but all in all he was by far the best between those two teachers I had.

During the exam, I was in pin and needles and quite nervous as hell actually. I was more worried about the examinor I was going to get rather my actual skill itself, really. I was worried that I might get an uptight, silent and strict examinor who would go on a mark-slashing frenzy. But luckily I got a jolly-looking guy for an examinor. Maybe I should've dressed much better and sexier to give me leverage for my exam.

All in all, he was a very talkative guy, and very sporting. He engaged with small talk almost immediately and was very friendly, making me totally forget that it was an exam. I soon just went on almost naturally, doing what I was hard-wired and programmed to do almost every class. Like as if my brain was in auto-mode and programmed into habit and everything was already hard-wired.

When the examinor asked me which route my teacher usually takes me, I wasn't sure what to say coz it's mostly random, but my head was begging him not to give me the hardest outdoor route, and thankfully he didn't. And I was lucky too because there was a school car in front of me, so I just followed it around and did what it did. You can say it's cheating a little, but I needed all the luck I can get. I hit a few snags here and there, which were the once or twice engine-kill, but so far, that was the only marks I've lost.

So, I passed and was eligible for an official driving license, and coincidentally, I was asked to collect it on the weekend, which coincidentally was my birthday. So yay!! Best birthday present ever!!

Watch out, open road! Here comes BlackGargie!

RIP Steve Jobs

I know I'm a little late in the tribute, and this is going to be a short tribute anyways, so anyhow...

I didn't really know or learn a lot about Steve Jobs, only that he's like the father of Apple or something from his eulogy documentary I watched and if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have an iPod or an iPad2 for my birthday.

When he died, I didn't really feel too bad or anything. But I tend to wonder who would be his successor or whether either of them are able to do as good a job as he did. I gotta admit, from the eulogy documentary I watched, he's actually pretty talented, revolutionizing and refining a lot of things tech that others had done the first time.

And him being part of Disney to create some of the best 3D animations were pretty cool. If it weren't for him, Toy Story wouldn't have existed as well as the subsequent trilogy, or Ratatouille, or The Incredibles (though it's still not my cup of tea) and the like.

My hubby went all the way to buy a sort of biography of him and had finished the book within a week. And there was something interesting that I found out about Steve Jobs concerning the sickness that caused his death.

Apparently the cancer was discovered early and it was benign, so a bit of surgery to extract it and it would've been fine. But instead of seeking immediate treatment, Steve Jobs did what all workaholics do: ignore and deny its existence and refusing to believe he was sick. And by that time, he slowly soon got worse and worse until he finally had to accept the reality that he WAS sick. Sometimes refusing to acknowledge something doesn't mean it'll go away, you know.

No offense, but for such a smart genius...he's not really too bright, is he?

Well, at least he left behind a long legacy. So RIP, Steve Jobs. May you rest in peace
Sunday, January 15, 2012 | By: BlackGargie

Consumer Fair Returns Again

Finally posting something for the new year, and of course, the first thing I'd post is the Consumer Fair that has returned last few weeks ago.

It was the usual same old, same old, with our dinner settled in the fair from eating freebies on the try-out stands, another few more other business who tries to cash in for the fair (in which I was attacked by a zealous salesman who tries to sell me beauty cream), and this time having a children-themed for the fair. But the best part of the fair was surprisingly a cool reptile show.

I couldn't resist. I had to go check it out. Here are some trigger-happy shots I've taken while in there:

The display of the entire show, with a projector showing Animal Planet-esque show of snakes and handlers and snake documentaries

Daredevils taking the shots to hold onto huge-ass pythons and boa constrictors

Other snakes taking their naps in their cases, but mostly non-poisonous

When I say reptiles, that includes these creepy crawlers

A handler showing me how to handle the snake...

And I took over with ease

More lizards a-chillin'

A number more other reptiles in display, and from the colour, I'd assume that it's the poisonous kind

Apparently, they included bugs in the mix, and of all bugs, tarantulas were in the list. And I was like "Holy shit!" when the handler took it out.

I decided to be daring and tried my luck in holding the tarantula, and while slow movements assured the spider not to get startled and bite me, I was still apprehensive, and the handlers saying "I dunno, maybe" when I asked if it'll bite wasn't very reassuring. Once the bug was off, I was all goose-pimply

We got an 'angry bird' coming! Well, so says the handler. He's just so cute. I couldn't resist hold him X3

More lizard-loving lurv~!

More snakey shots, who seem to be pretty photogenic

Another snakey lurv

Moar snakey shots of the huge-ass ginormous kind

Another shot for the road, and that snake is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE~!!!

There you have it. Hopefully they come back again for the next consumer fair, coz it was a pretty cool experience. Too bad my buddy and his cousin who came along for the fair decide to forgo this