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EA Con '12

EA Con has returned again~! Wohoo~! It was held on the 15th to 16th of this month, but unfortunately due to monetary circumstances (and the arrival of my little princess), I wasn't able to prepare much for this event, let alone find a costume to cosplay (or even have the cash to buy or make one T_T).

But at least I managed to buy the tickets to join the two-day event, even though it was just for a couple of hours for each day, due to the fact that I can't stay away too long from my little dependent princess. And at least I got a few good awesome photos.

Le tickets

I'm too lazy to post all of them (to see the bulk of it, you can click here), but here are some of the best ones IMO:

Forgot who is he supposed to be ^_^;;

The famous Spirited Away trio!

Le Kuroshitsuji team!

No idea who they are cosplaying either, though they look kinda familiar

Kingdom Hearts unite!

That is some big ass sword, dude!!

Shrek and his Princess Fiona!

Prolly from some Dynasty Warrior game or something

Umm...Some warriors, I guess?

Minecraft character

Rai cosplaying as a character from Final Fantasy XIII

Ninjas unite!

I is teh Nobody

Avengers unite!

Another No-Face Demon

Assassins Creed
I somehow managed to join the art competition, and with moments to spare, because I was about one and a half away from the deadline! Got me the words restaurant, cereal, Sandman and laptop, and this is what I managed to scrounge up just in time before the deadline was over:

Too bad I didn't win, because apparently, last year's winner was this year's winner too with this masterpiece:

But at least I made into their list of honorable submissions or something, and I got a compliment from the EA committee member in FB for being able to draw pretty well for such short notice. And speaking of honorable submissions, I actually made it to the board with my last year's submission!

And holy crap, we got Slenderman in da howze this year! I'm surprised Brunei even knows about Slenderman!

Slendy, Slendy, gamers of Slendy...

Slenderman ahoy!!
This year was just as satisfying as it was last year, though I wished I was able to stay longer. Well, once my little princess is older, I'll be able to stay longer and not worry about her too much, and maybe someday, I might bring her along and cosplay her with me~!

So looking forward to next year!
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Post-Natal and Ongoing Motherhood

Went for my post-natal checkup a couple of weeks ago and got the usual standard urine and blood pressure test and stuff.

Remember the time where I said I was given Depo (birth control shots) at the same time I was getting my Rubella shot even though I've specifically noted to the docs that I don't need contraceptives (since motherhood is so gonna sap me off any need for sex)? Apparently when I brought it up, the nurse said Depo was a necessary evil to go along with my Rubella shot because Rubella shots causes defects on babies if I were to be pregnant again while having that shot in my system, so the Depo was to keep me from getting pregnant until the Rubella shot is at its least potent.

Though the side effect of Depo was that I'm having prolonged bleeding/spotting, that I can't even tell whether or not I'm just spotting or actually having my period. It's pretty annoying actually. I have been wearing sanitary pads for the past few months since after the birth. I'd be glad if my period moments can finally go back to normal.

Due to my spotting/bleeding, I can't do a PAP smear test, which is part of the post-natal check up, so the nurse just gave me the standard interview about how I feel or how am I coping and what am I doing with my little princess in my life now, etc etc... I had a new appointment scheduled, and was told to give them a call if I'm still spotting so they can reschedule another date for the post-natal thingy, which I did call yesterday coz I was still ongoing down there, so it was rescheduled to this coming 2 weeks.

Other than that, I've been coping rather well with motherhood. Having a maid around helps out quite a bit, but mostly princess has to go to me coz we're a bit shorthanded on maids since one of our maids has her contract ended and returned to Indonesia and the current maid has to juggle housework while looking after 3 crazy feisty brats. But it's no big, at least then my little princess will be attached to her parents rather than the maid like my sis in law's youngest child is, which makes things a lot tedious and makes their parenting even more fail than it is.

Princess is growing like a weed. She's growing taller and heavier everyday. Previously her feet barely reaches the edge of the tub when she's bathed, now she's kicking at it and when she gets breastfed, her legs were literally dangling out of my arms instead of curled up within it like she used to when she was still a newborn. Not only that, she has become more and more of a glutton and getting to be more talkative now, and is now learning how to turn to her side on her own, and she's only 2 months old! What a smart little princess~!

And she's starting to look more like her Daddy everyday, which, according to Chinese old timers, it is good that daughters look like their dads and vice versa. Dunno why, something to do with their luck, I guess. No big, she's still my little princess, and her looking like her dad would serve as a reminder that this is the precious little jewel I created with the man I love the most.

She's cute and she knows it

I'm taking her outdoors gradually, exposing her to the open bit by bit, and she's learning to enjoy her waking moments looking around and "talking" to people, and hopefully she'll be able to enjoy outings as much as I do and love doing things I do too, like going to theme parks and take their crazy rides, swimming, drawing, sight-seeing, cosplay conventions and stuff. In the meantime, we're just enjoying every moment we can together in the comforts of our own home until real life steals us away. You can check out more pictures of her in my Facebook profile.

I'll leave you behind with a pic that shows how similar she and my hubby are:

Like father, like daughter XD

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My Little Sleeping Beauty

Babies 0 - 3 months spend most of their time snoozing (14-16 hours a day) from what I've read, and that's what my little princess is doing. Just felt like sharing it with you guys:

Ahh~ Such a cute little Sleeping Beauty of mine~ =w=

More Gifts from Beyond~

Got mail package the other day, and turns out the sender was our family friend from Singapore that had been such good hosts to us when we went for our trip when I was 4, 5 months pregnant at the time. Here's their gifts:

Baby travel bag...

...and sets of baby clothes that ranges from 9 - 12 months
Thanks for the gifts~! We totally appreciate it~ <3 w="<!--3--">
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Long Live Obama~!

Just got the 411 a couple of days ago that our dear ol' Barrack Obama has officially beat Mitt Romney to secure his place as president for 4 more years.

I, for one, am all for Obama, and I don't care what anyone says, even if it is my best friends. I'm glad Obama won and I fully support his role as president of the United States.

Someone who rejects and wants to repel healthcare for everyone and wants to tax rich people less and throw all the tax burdens to the lower classes *coughRomneycough* should not deserve to be president.

Some people claimed that since Obama had been president, he had caused USA to go $6 trillion in debt. It's not him who caused this debt, the debt was already there in the first place by Bush and he was left with the shit to clean up. And even if he IS the one at fault for the debt, well, let's face it, even in a business, you gotta make a few losses before you can make some profits, so if that debt is for the sake of trying to improve and salvage the wellbeing of the country, so be it. It's not like USA had never been in debt before.

Some people also say that the reason why Romney wants to repel Obamacare is because Obamacare actually caused medical bills to go even higher. Well, Obamacare is a policy where EVERYONE gets healthcare regardless if you have a pre-existing condition or not, means no one gets left behind from healthcare. Obama enforced that policy and how those money-minded pocket mongers deal with it is what caused the med bills to go up. They know that they cannot rip people off their money and deny them healthcare due to this policy, so they got around the bend to try and salvage a detour way to fill their pockets. IMO, those bloodsuckers are the ones responsible for the med bill, not the Obamacare policy itself.

Romney's idea of being a president is to tax rich people less so that they have enough money to hire people and let the middle- and lower-class shoulder the taxes, which is totally unfair. Why should the lesser man pay for the better man? Why should the better man get all the benefits when they are the ones who are relying on the lesser man to get those benefits for them?

Never mind him saying he wants to repel PBS as well (or was it PBC, I forgot, the channel responsible for creating shows like Sesame Street) prolly to dumb down the American citizens more, but the one where he said he had "women in binders" really got my goat. It's almost like he's implying that women are nothing more than just mere objects that you can just grab out of a cabinet file.

Fuck Romney, man. Long live Obama~!
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Happy Full Moon~!

Finally, I have survived the confinement period and watched as my little Liara turn one month old~!

First thing I did after the confinement period ended was to take a long, hot shower (this time without the troublesome herbal bath) and wash my hair. It was so oily that I had to wash it twice (second I left the shampoo on my hair to stand while I soap myself), since part of the confinement period was to not wash hair for a month. It felt so good and so refreshing, and I will never take hair-washing for granted ever again.

As I've mentioned before, in Chinese tradition, when a baby turns one month old, we usually have a celebration called the Full-Moon Celebration where the baby will be officially introduced to friends and family, like a baby shower of sorts, but done a month after the baby is born. Not sure where this tradition came from, though I have heard that it's because it is to celebrate babies surviving their first month in life, since life expectancy back then wasn't really to favourable.

We had our own private one first amongst ourselves, just me, my hubby and my in-laws on the actual day itself on the 26th. We got us some sort of cheese cake which was awesome and creamy, and it was heaven to me since I could finally eat normal food now. Didn't manage to get the shot of the cake (I think my hubby has it, but I have yet to grab it from him), but we did get a nice shot of us.

Little sleepyhead with her parents ^_^
The next day, we got prepared all the things needed for the full-moon function, though I couldn't really help much since I'm having my hands full with Liara, though at least it would give the maids a bit of leeway to help out instead of having their hands full with the kids and the preparations.

We separated the celebration into 2 days, 27th at night for the family and 28th in the afternoon for friends, since if combined both family and friends, we wouldn't have enough to feed all the guests and there wouldn't be enough room to fit everyone anyways. As expected, it was a full house for both days, since my hubby's extended family and friends are really...well, extended, LOL! Too bad my dad, his gf and my godma aren't able to make it due to clash with their own functions to attend (technically my dad wouldn't go if his gf is not going, but anyways...), or I would've had my side of the family to enjoy the festivities too. But at least my friends were able to make it, though my list of friends can be counted in one hand, which goes to show how sad my social life in Brunei is... -_-;;

Everyone was enthralled by Liara, saying the usual things like her looking like an angel, looking almost like either me and/or my hubby, etc, etc. Though the main comment I seem to be getting was the weight loss I suddenly have. Everyone agreed unanimously that I have lost a significant weight, and were surprised it even happened, since it was always the opposite on most pregger ladies. I could also feel the difference too since the clothes I was wearing actually compliments my figure and I could actually feel the extra space in my pants (and the occasional slipping down, which I have to discreetly pull it up). Contributed more by my breastfeeding regime, my weight has maintained so far and there has been no gain, no loss. Guess the theory about breastfeeding helps you lose weight really rings true.

In the old-school tradition, during the full-moon celebration, if the baby is a boy, the guests are required to present him with red money packets, and if the baby is a girl, they're required to present her with jewelry. Since this is the modern times, it's either you bring presents or red money packets. And I can tell you, the money and the gifts are totally piling in, and the best part is that sometimes (especially the family side) they give us gifts AND money as well.

Not gonna tell you how much in total we got for money, but we can totally showcase the gifts to you:

The bulk of the gifts

Thanks for all the gifts and cash, those who attended. We appreciate it, and totally look forward to our future in parenthood~!