Thursday, December 29, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Ultimate Dream

I have a lot of dreams. No, not one of those unattainable dreams that you'll prolly only get it in your sleep or fantasy life or something. I'm talking about possible ones, that you can actually attain in real life, or maybe just plausible enough to work.

I've got definitely a long list of dreams I'd like attained, like say:

  • Going to the setting of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Going to 22, Baker Street where there is an exact replica museum built to mirror Sherlock Holmes' home
  • Meet Alan Rickman, who lives somewhere in London (someone posted his interview and his address in Tumblr, Imma gonna need to check it out)
  • Meet the main casts of Harry Potter universe
  • Meet J.K. Rowling
  • Go to Universal Studios, which there is in Singapore and London (I think)
  • Going to New Zealand and set where LOTR magic happened
  • Go to the hometown of the Sidek Bros in Banting, Selangor where they spent their childhood
  • Meet the real-life Sidek Bros, etc, etc...

But prolly my ultimate dream, and still is till this day, is going to Japan. And do you wanna know what I wanna do in Japan? No, not going to Akihabara, even though I'd love to check out the otaku scene

First thing I'd do will be to go to Shueisha Publishing, where they published my number one fav manga of all time: Jigoku Sensei Nube. I will go to whoever is in charge to ask for the contact details and address of Takeshi Okano and/or Shou Makura, the master behind JSN even if it kills me.

Then once I'm able to discover their 'hideout', I would meet them and tell them how much I appreciate their art and how they inspire me to be a better manga-ka, and how their creation of Katsuya Kimura had changed me and saved my life, because without knowing Katsuya, I would not have known love, and would not have anyone to turn to to keep my sanity from constant abuse in check.

And then if possible, I would like them to draw a one-shot manga that features me as an OC and becoming Katsuya's love interest. I know, it's a really tall order, but I would do anything, I would pay them anything, if they could just fulfill me this dream. If they can't publish a one-shot for me, at least have me as a random OC who pursues after Katsuya in their current sequel of JSN.

If all else fails, at least draw me fanservice art with their autograph on it.

That's all I ask for.

That is my ultimate dream.

Ahh~ Katsuya~