Monday, December 5, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Lucid Dreaming

Had another few odd dreams few nights ago that can consider slightly lucid of sorts, and I just had to share.

Don't remember much about the first dream, only that I was at my dad's place in the bedroom but my dad is not there, but my mom and my grandma (I think) was there. Then there was a sudden infestation of bugs, snakes and lizard, and the bugs were HUGE, and seem to have some sort of sentient thought or something, and some of them were on my back. And when we got the bugs out of the house and shut the window and then suddenly the bed was filled with snakes and lizards and whatever reptile species there was.

Then I remember trying to throw out a snake somewhere, and the snake was almost going to bite and stuff, then a sort of chameleon was at my feet and it keeps following me wherever I go and I try to lure it to the room where my mom is and close the door but it was really ghosting me and everything and I actually jumped to avoid it when I try to slam the door at it and it was still coming towards me and apparently when I jumped, it reflected on my body and I sorta jumped myself awake.

The recent dream I had this morning had to do with me staying back at some sort of school doing a so-called project, but it's more like staying back illegally to do some sort of ghost hunting or scandal hunting or whatever because I remember having to hide with my fellow friends from whom we think might be the patroller of the school and was relieved to see that it was just our extra friends who came in late, and I remember actually calling home to my mom (I think it's mom, feels like her but at the same time no) telling her I'll be home late for that 'project' I'm working on.

Then I think I went home or something, and the scene seemed to switch to me being in some sort of a Malcolm in the Middle moment and I think I remember arguing with Malcolm's mom and had a brawl that involved trying to hit her but didn't work, then tried to pinch her as hard as I can to hurt her, but ended up making her feel good as if what I was giving her was a massage or something. Then we ended up in the bedroom with Malcolm and his bros complaining about the mom (prolly we were grounded or something), and then somehow we ended up talking about the Sidek Bros comic collection we had, and I was telling him that I don't collect them anymore because the art has gotten worse, and he had the full collection or something, which somehow later down the art, it actually got better again and I ended up considering whether or not I should recollect them again.

Then I dunno why but somehow, I ended up merging Malcolm's world into the Sidek Bros world, then I saw Bun running off with his friends to some sort of big event or situation, and I suddenly worried for him and tell Malcolm and his bros to stay behind while I chase after him, and I ended up in some sort of situation where I somehow had a torchlight and I had to shine it everywhere and the light will guide me to where I have to go, and I was shouting his name "BUN! BUN!" like my life depends on it.

Somehow as I ran, I ended up running into some sort of funeral procession that looks Asian, but I couldn't tell what sort of Asian was this. I just weave around them and they all look so realistic, not dream-like. I can tell somehow that this is a dream, sorta, but it looked almost like it was real, it was real life and it was happening before me. I continued to run about shouting Bun's name trying to look for him, and I finally ended up at a procession that looked Malay of sorts.

Then I could feel myself waking up, I could feel my surroundings and the feel of the bed and the pillow below my head and the blanket around my body. But I didn't want to wake up, I wanted to find Bun. I willed myself to go back to sleep, to return to this world, and for a brief moment I managed to stay in the dream world for a few seconds (in dream world, according to Inception concept, could've been minutes), and I somehow approached this guy who is the head of the procession and asked him if he saw Bun, and he was asking me if I was the girl whom was adopted by the Sidek family (as if it started to move into the plot where my Sidek Bros doujin I drew in high school came in) and asked if I came from the other world. As if he knew I came from the waking world! How weird is that?

Again, I felt myself slipping back to the waking world, and I willed myself to stay in the dream for another few more minutes and suddenly I was approached by Bun's dad and he was telling me that he adopted me so that I can become Adan's bride (he is the village idiot in the original comics) and that I should give up fantasizing on Bun, and the last thing I remembered was protesting, saying that I'm not going to marry a village idiot. That's when I officially woke up.

I dunno whether to call that an inception moment or a lucid dreaming moment, because for a while there, it felt really real to me