Monday, December 5, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Another Tech Fair in da Howze

Finally after months of procrastinating, I got down to it and post up pictures of another tech fair I went with my buddy, after our usual lunch date and such, just to check out how it was this time.

Sadly, the tech expo wasn't much, coz it was mostly industrial, not for consumers, but we did see a few other interesting things aside from the boring tech expo

A sort of religious exhibit, which sadly doesn't have much patronage as it should. Well, so much for being one of the most religious countries in the world, you'd think they'd showed up even if it's on a weekday

Some arts and crafts done there, one of them is this wooden water village house...

...a some sort of catapult or a sad imitation of the Nodding Donkey oil rig...

...the Noah's Ark (which apparently no different in the rendition between the Quran and the Old Testament in the Bible)...

...where this is what happens to sinners...

...the BIBD Bank and Yayasan in town...

...and a sculpture of a mosque that looked almost like it was made of cheese or something, prolly could call it the Tower of Cheese-za or something XD

The officiating tablet and signature of the Sultan for this exhibition, and to be honest, if I were daring enough, the signature really is pretty easy to forge

Some exhibits of old school technology and devices they used in the old days

We then decided to go check the tech expo just for fun, and I took shots of a few interesting things that had to show for.

Some smart objects and smart devices they have for sale, but prolly not what I'd buy, since I wouldn't know what to do with it

Random shot of some Chinese tea from prolly a booth from China

Some awesome paper arts

Another Smart screen, but this was more actual educational device than for fun, so even though I wanted to go have fun with the screen and show off my artistic skillz, I couldn't and prolly decided not to anyways

Then later we scoured the other halls to see if there were anything interesting, and came across some of these:

A WRO (World Robot Organization) exhibit, showing budding Bruneian robot builders and engineers, though sadly not the robots in Real Steel like I've hoped for, but then again, you can't expect much from them

Some DIY robots that you can build on your own, though the end results weren't as impressive as I would've wanted

A few kids checking out the area and learning the ropes about robot-building

Obstacle courses and driving tracks to program the robot cars to learn and pass through

We then went into a small exhibit fair where there are brain teasers for kids. It only cost $3 per entry, and it's the only way to get my buddy to join me, so it was my treat

The old school magic trick of having a head on a silver platter, though unfortunately due to lighting, you pretty much give away the illusion. Didn't stop us from trying though

Some cool optical illusions set out for us

This was the toughest optical illusion that we had to crack. Can you find the hidden tiger?

A few other optical illusions that makes my eyes go koo-koo just staring at the picture itself @_@

Some animal models exhibits, courtesy of either Sunlit or its competitor, which are basically mildly impressive styrofoam arts, and some facts and FAQ and Did-You-Knows about the animals where you are given a bunch of questionnaires at the entrance of the fair and you had to hunt for the answers within the facts for some sort of lucky draw. In fact, some other bio facts not involved with those animal displays were even stuck about the floor. It was fun, more or less

There were also a mirror maze for us to go into, and we were offered gloves so we don't hurt ourselves if we bang our hands onto the mirror and break it and get ourselves hurt (not that I want to have 7 years times infinity of bad luck neways, what with the mirrors everywhere). It was interesting to go around those mirrors, reminding me of the old creepy pasta or superstitions about having mirrors put together to form an infinity loop that might invoke spirits or something, but the lights on the floor were a little...well, epileptic, sorta. If they kept it on, that's fine, but it flickers every few minutes and if you have a tendecy for epileptic seizures, this is definitely not the right place to go in to, and it's a bit small too but with the amount of room they have, I can't blame them for not being able to do much. A bit creepy, but it was quite fun

Final shot of my buddy deciding to sodomize a model gorilla -__-;;

So far, it's a pretty good expo, given that the tech side wasn't so much fun, but the others were pretty intriguing, to say the least. I also have taken some videos, so you can go check it out here.