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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year~!!!

Wasn't really sure what to say about this festive season, other than I got some nice kick-ass Christmas presents, which include a pair of table lamps which I have been dying to get since the last one broke, as well as a full collection of Scott Pilgrim vs The World graphic novels from my sweet, sweet hubby ^_^ I love him so much for that

Usually back home, in the old days before I married into the family, I would be celebrating with only noodles, eggs, cake and milk. Well, that was how I celebrated that one fateful new year anyways when I was home alone with only the TV to countdown with me because my mom decided to go celebrate her own new year with friends without bringing me, since it's for adults. Yeah, made my own bowl of noodles with hard-boiled eggs, a small shortcake as a substitute for a cake and a tall mug of milk, sitting in front of the TV, waiting for countdown, and cheers to the TV as I ate alone.

Yeah, good times.

Other than that, I shall use this picture to illustrate how I feel about the Christmas season and the upcoming New Year:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all~!!!
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Ultimate Dream

I have a lot of dreams. No, not one of those unattainable dreams that you'll prolly only get it in your sleep or fantasy life or something. I'm talking about possible ones, that you can actually attain in real life, or maybe just plausible enough to work.

I've got definitely a long list of dreams I'd like attained, like say:

  • Going to the setting of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Going to 22, Baker Street where there is an exact replica museum built to mirror Sherlock Holmes' home
  • Meet Alan Rickman, who lives somewhere in London (someone posted his interview and his address in Tumblr, Imma gonna need to check it out)
  • Meet the main casts of Harry Potter universe
  • Meet J.K. Rowling
  • Go to Universal Studios, which there is in Singapore and London (I think)
  • Going to New Zealand and set where LOTR magic happened
  • Go to the hometown of the Sidek Bros in Banting, Selangor where they spent their childhood
  • Meet the real-life Sidek Bros, etc, etc...

But prolly my ultimate dream, and still is till this day, is going to Japan. And do you wanna know what I wanna do in Japan? No, not going to Akihabara, even though I'd love to check out the otaku scene

First thing I'd do will be to go to Shueisha Publishing, where they published my number one fav manga of all time: Jigoku Sensei Nube. I will go to whoever is in charge to ask for the contact details and address of Takeshi Okano and/or Shou Makura, the master behind JSN even if it kills me.

Then once I'm able to discover their 'hideout', I would meet them and tell them how much I appreciate their art and how they inspire me to be a better manga-ka, and how their creation of Katsuya Kimura had changed me and saved my life, because without knowing Katsuya, I would not have known love, and would not have anyone to turn to to keep my sanity from constant abuse in check.

And then if possible, I would like them to draw a one-shot manga that features me as an OC and becoming Katsuya's love interest. I know, it's a really tall order, but I would do anything, I would pay them anything, if they could just fulfill me this dream. If they can't publish a one-shot for me, at least have me as a random OC who pursues after Katsuya in their current sequel of JSN.

If all else fails, at least draw me fanservice art with their autograph on it.

That's all I ask for.

That is my ultimate dream.

Ahh~ Katsuya~


Got a bit of an annoyance last night during dinner time.

It had been more than 2 months since I was unemployed and all, but I'm pretty much at ease at the moment, since I'm still trying to learn my driving anyways. Prolly just a few more lesson before I'm ready to take on the exam and score my first time on an actual road.

Then came the annoying question of whether or not I've secured a job.

No, it didn't come from my rents-in-laws. They've already gave up asking after almost a few weeks of asking and probing, and I made it perfectly clear to them that no one is going to hire me because I don't have a driving license and I can't drive.

Nowadays, working in an office almost always requires you to be on the road, and from my previous experience working in my previous company, I knew that driving is really very important, especially when I want to go anywhere on my own leisure but can't because of my inability to handle the wheel.

No, it had to come from my 2nd sis-in-law. As usual.

She was asking whether I've finally got a job. I told her "No" and it just suddenly spark off a torrent of questions from her.

Why not?

Why didn't you get a job?

Where did you apply to?

Which company is it?

Who did you speak to?

What did they ask?

What did you tell them?

Why? What? When? How?

She was bombarding me like a machine gun, and while in all honesty, I haven't been job hunting due to my inability to take the wheel, she had no right to pry into my business, and I wasn't about to tell her that or she would have some excuse to belittle me.

I just gave her an excuse "I don't remember who or where I interviewed with, it's been months since that incident, and I applied everywhere, you can't expect me to remember all of them, and none of them called me in for a 2nd interview anyways". But that seemed to egg her on, and she clearly couldn't take the hint that I don't wish to talk about it anymore.

She kept pestering "Come on, tell me! Where did you went for interview? Who interviewed you? What was the place? Come on, tell me! Why won't you tell me, huh? Huh? Tell me~!"

What the hell is her problem? It's not like knowing about my job interview experiences is gonna change her life or something! Sheesh!

She was really getting on my nerves, but if I respond, it will only make things worse, and prolly egg her on to ask more questions, so as much as I want to yell at her to mind her own business and shut the hell up, I relied on my inhuman patience to keep my trap shut.

And I wasn't about to tell her that there is a possibility that I will be the next in line to run a baby shop business my rents-in-law are planning to set up after they retire, well, not until it's confirmed anyway.

It was technically my eldest sis-in-law's home business but now that they've migrated to London, my rents-in-law decided to run the show instead and she will be their supplier, since the clothes are genuinely manufactured from London and all. It's all in the proposal and in the works, so if it went through, I would prolly be next in line to run the business, and maybe piggyback to sell my manga-s at the same time.

I'm not about to rouse some green-eyed monster outta my 2nd sis-in-law for not allowing their other own daughter in on the dough. So mum's the word
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Can't Cheat Death

This comic is cute, thought I'd share with you guys.

Comic art in minimalistic at its best
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The Fun World of Philias

Grabbed this from and thought I'd share, coz it's damn funny XDLink
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Our Pre-Honeymoon~

Ah, finally I have the time to actually post the day I celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary, well, 1 month after the fact, sadly. But well, like they say, better late than never.

When we checked in, apparently the deluxe room that we booked ran out, so they upgraded us to the supreme/superior/whatever (or was it executive?) suite, though sadly they only had double beds and not one of those single King- or Queen-sized bed. But I'm sure we'll fit in somehow.

Le entrance of our little pretty love nest, equipped with locks, card key and doorbell, though the doorknob is a bit odd of its position though ^3^

The moment when we went in, it was a super cold chill in the air, like the air-conditioning went on super high mode or something. Well, it's more or less how my hubby wants it, icy-cold, like air-conditioning seems to be free in this country or something. And when you take off your shoes, the cold floor is enough to make you jump about and walk as if you have fire under your feet or something

Capturing my hubby in the photog act

Capturing their big ass mirror

Our wardrobe and its content, which includes nice fancy clothes hangers, an iron with its board, slippers, laundry bags and shoe cleaning racks, extra pillows and a safe

Suitcase rack for our little suitcase, though we're just staying here for a day

Le fridge and bar counter for all our tea and caffeine needs, milk included

Le bed, which was surprisingly big enough for the both of us in one, TV, dresser (sorta), and a coat hanger

Le entrance to the bathroom

The toilet, equipped with the bum basin to wash your ass if you took a No. 2, towel hanger and soap for the washing

The shower

Bath robes for us to wear~ Sweet! I feel classy already!

My favourite part of the hotel room: BATH TUBS!! Inclusive a big mirror and a phone to ring for services. Been obsessed with bath tubs since I was a kid, even though I crashed my forehead onto my bath tub at my family home. I guess bath tubs just intrigue me, though I dunno whether if my horoscope had anything to do with it

The sink with all its facilities

Random snapshot of their framed art

Picture views of the verandah, perfect view

Room service, anyone?

Us, the lovely couple who has managed a year together as husband and wife ^___^

Well, nothing much to say, we just spent most of our time relaxing, swimming (with me doing most of the swimming, coz believe it or not, my hubby doesn't know how to swim), watch a movie at their hotel cinema, ate dinner and breakfast there, and after breakfast, we decided to take a walk and explore the area a little.

Random snapshots from our walk

Walkway down to the swimming pool where I went for my swim the day before

This be the swimming pool, equipped with jacuzzi for a nice warm dunk and the pool deck to enjoy drinks and quench your thirst as you relax in the water

Some little friends to enjoy swimming with

Random shot of the beach, with a sad little lone island over there, making me wonder what exactly resides on that island somehow, like a mystery of its own

Just a random shot of the coconut tree and another with my hubby posing at my request

More random beach shots

Decided to take a shot of this tree. Looks like an oil palm tree but it doesn't have any fruits and the most special thing about that tree was it's actually pale. The trunk and everything looks like the proper colour a tree should look, but somehow the leaves and branches and stalks were all pale green, coming close to white. My hubby was worried that I might catch 'something' from the shot, but as you can see, nothing to worry about

More random shots when we reached the beach cliff

Some shots of the seats that look out to the sea. It must be sad for them to just sit out there in the rain and shine, waiting for someone to use them, to accompany them, to let them feel useful. We both took a seat on that bench, and I felt that I have pretty much done something good, even for an inanimate object

Random flower shot

All in all, while it wasn't super romantic, it was by far the most relaxing and probably the most time I had spent with my hubby on that day. May our marriage last for the years to come