Saturday, November 5, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Yayasan Sabah

Went to Yayasan Sabah to actually try out the famed revolving restaurant the people having raving about in the internet. It was something new, so of course we wouldn't wanna miss something that interesting that is actually happening and available in my hometown

This be the building. Nice and tall, been around like forever. It's something like a non-profit organization, thus the Yayasan Sabah (Sabah Foundation). I remember it used to have a sort of old seafood restaurant called 'Jaws' or something where I had my first steamboat and karaoke exposure. Guess that's really what made me a big fan of karaoke

Le entrance of the building

The full-scale picture of the building...

...and me posing in front of it

Going up to find our way to the revolving restaurant, and it turns out they were having some sort of Parents' Day performance or something and the MC thought we were tourists trying to locate the performance and urged us to follow the line. Well, I definitely set the record straight and she was like "Oops! Awkward~!" It does remind me of my time with my church choir group where we literally performed our soul off for the people, my first role as a choir leader as well as being in a dance group of sorts

Le entrance for the building that supposedly house the revolving restaurant. Sadly when we went in, we were disappointed because the security guards told us that the revolving restaurant had been out of business for almost the past 3 months. So sadly, we won't be able to enjoy dining while spinning around XD

Just some random shots I took, including the stairs of the other side of the building leading towards it, which kinda reminds me of the stairs climb in the Rocky movie franchise LOL

Random shot of the car display that was driven by the man who built and founded the building. I dunno about cars, but this looks pretty cool for that timeline

Overall, a bit of a disappointment of a trip, but a small little memory lane for a while there. Who knows, they'll bring the revolving restaurant