Saturday, November 19, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

TV Series That Should Be Made Into Movies

Everyone has their own very favourite TV series, some that even has been completed but sometimes never really concluded properly due to entertainment politics. What if they were made into movies? How would it be like?

Here are some TV series that I would love to have been done as a feature film:

John Doe

This is one of those series that should've been continued but did not, so it would do it justice if they actually made a feature film out of this. Even though during a press conference, the director revealed that John Doe was actually a part of many others who underwent an experiment in which he experiences a near-death phenomena in order to prove that all life's greatest knowledge and questions are answered prior to total death, I would've liked it if they actually did a feature film to actually explain all that. If they couldn't do anything about continuing the series, at least make this feature film to explain it away and reveal the real reason behind this experiments and why John Doe was being subjected to that and to what end, and also explain the cult that had something to do with a religious rod that ultimately explains John Doe's past, present and future fate. That would be cool, wouldn't it?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

This TV series definitely needs to be made into a feature film. I mean, who wouldn't want to watch their favourite stars duke it out on the big screen solving a murder case, maybe even a case bigger than any TV series director (who sometimes think small) could ever imagine? Would it not be a cool thing? In fact, they should make a big bulk crossover between Las Vegas CSI team, Miami CSI team and New York CSI that is hunting down a big mutual serial killer of some sorts and them working together to catch this almost uncatchable killer. I mean, why not? They've done it before once in the TV series, why not do it again in a big feature film? Wouldn't that be a tempting thought?

Early Edition

Now this one is a TV series that should be made into a feature film. Despite 4 seasons and a vast amount of supporters, sadly they did not continue the series and apparently left the series hanging. Why not make a movie to conclude everything? What paper is that? Why is it sent to Gary? What exactly is the main purpose for that? Who and what is the cat for? What sort of a being is it really is to be able to transcend time and space and live among so many other early editioners to help save people through a bloody newspaper? How long has this thing been going on? Who did create the newspaper in the first place anyway? It would a great way to conclude everything in that one feature film that totally explains the origin and the reason for the tomorrow's newspaper today, wouldn't it?


This one is worth a shot at the big screen. It's hard to find good comedy these days and this could prove to be a good way to expand the comedy and mystery of Psych into the big screen. In fact, it could happen especially when they've already started having an arch-foe in the series since Season 3: Mr. Ying and Mr. Yang. The showdown between our lovable fake psychic, his funny sidekick, and the two psychos ever walked the planet Earth. I'm not sure if they would do it in Season 5 or not, but if it were in the movie, it would be nice to know of this arch-foe, who they are, what exactly makes them tick, what drove them to commit such crimes, what is their obsession with Shawn and all that. Totally cool hilarity in it all!


This X-File-esque TV series by the famous J.J. Abrams who did the bloody famous Lost series definitely deserves a chance to be made a feature film as X-Files did. A film that may totally crack the foundation of the storyline by bringing in the ultimate showdown between people who want to cross over to the other side and take over the current dimension and Olivia Dunham (with her newly discovered powers) and the team, also ultimately explain who and what are these Observers that go around watching great catastrophes around the world throughout time and history. And hopefully ultimately explain how the hell Peter ended up in this dimension (though I have a feeling they will explain it in the new season) and whether or not he'll be able to have certain powers like Olivia has, and also learn the true identity and motive of William Bell, the man behind all this mishaps.

The Mentalist

This series could prove to be, like Psych, a good series to be made into a movie. In fact, there has already been a running theme throughout this series: Red John, the man who killed Patrick Jane's wife and daughter and ultimately the person that drives Jane into doing what he does right now with the police. We could reveal more about the people around him and also more of Patrick himself while doing, again, a showdown between him and Red John, making it the ultimate story for them in this cat and mouse game to see who will win and once and for all, reveal Red John and his true identity (or even his true face for that matter).

Kyle XY

Now this here should definitely be made into a movie. Sad but true, despite fans, the producer believed a bunch of silly viewer ratings and not thinking of the long run and canceled the show just on its third season, when they could explain more about Kyle and the whole point of his nature and reason of being created, as well as his gender counterpart, Project XX. Give closure to the series in a better way and end it with a happy (or sad) note, showing that Kyle XY is concluded as it should be and not left with an open-ended cliffhanger, not knowing what will be the fate of Kyle and his family and Project XX

Yeah, so these are my opinions as to which TV series should be made to movies. If you guys have anything else to contribute to this, feel free to comment.